Little Friend from the Plain: Powerless Little Doll Quest

Have you set out on the quest Little Friend from the Plain: Amitoi Quest? This captivating quest unfolds with the discovery of a Powerless Little Doll in a Wrecked Carriage. While trying to revive it you realise you will need help from an Amitoi expert.

Powerless Little Doll quest

Picking Up a Powerless Little Doll

Discover the quest’s first chapter by examining the Powerless Little Doll in the Wrecked Carriage. It’s not just any doll; perhaps, it’s an amitoi that has lost its power. Attempting to revive it proves futile, leading you to search for someone knowledgeable about amitois. Head to the Starlight Observatory Ruins and talk to Ashien.

Powerless Little Doll pick up carriage

A Curse Revealed

Ashien, a resident of the ruins, reveals that there’s a monster curse preventing the amitoi from awakening. To lift the curse, a specific monster in Taedal’s Tower must be defeated. The quest directs you to tackle monsters on floors 1 to 10 in Taedal’s Tower, you can challenge the one you completed previously to . Taedal’s Tower is situated near Ashien in the Paint region or can be accessed through the secret dungeon option.

Taedal Towers

Upon triumph in Taedal’s Tower, return to Ashien at the Starlight Observatory Ruins. The curses binding the amitoi are lifted, but signs of life remain elusive. Ashien suggests seeking tailors specializing in amitois for further insight, propelling the quest into a new phase.

talk to ashien

The Tailor’s Tale

Venture to places bustling with people to hear tales about the mysterious tailor capable of working wonders on amitois. The Inn owner at Kastleton Inn drops a hint about a tailor residing in room 202. Skeptical but intrigued, you ascend to meet this enigmatic figure.

talk to inn owner

Encounter with the Amitoi Tailor

Confirmed as an amitoi tailor, this skilled artisan named Noan acknowledges the doll’s magic schema is in disarray. The Powerless little doll has likely undergone significant challenges. With patience, witness Noan’s efforts to repair the powerless little doll, laying the groundwork for the quest’s final act.

talk to noah

As Noan completes the repair, interact with the amitoi to witness its newfound vitality. The quest concludes as you claim the amitoi, signifying the end of a captivating journey from a wrecked carriage to the skilled hands of an amitoi tailor.

noah tailor


How can I initiate the Little Friend from the Plain: Amitoi Quest?

Begin the quest by discovering the Powerless Little Doll in a Wrecked Carriage. Attempt to revitalize it, setting the stage for an enchanting adventure.

Where can I find information about the amitoi curse?

Visit Ashien at the Starlight Observatory Ruins. Ashien’s father is knowledgeable about amitois and will reveal a monster curse preventing the amitoi from awakening.

What is the new quest after defeating monsters in Taedal’s Tower?

Upon triumph in Taedal’s Tower, return to Ashien at the Starlight Observatory Ruins. A new quest unfolds, guiding you to seek tailors specializing in amitois.

Where can I find the amitoi tailor?

Talk to the Inn owner at Kastleton Inn, who hints at a tailor in room 202. Meet Noan, the amitoi tailor, who confirms the doll’s magic schema needs repair.

What challenges does the amitoi doll face during repair?

Noan, the amitoi tailor, mentions that the magic schema of the doll is messed up, suggesting it has undergone significant challenges.

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