Guide To The Riftstone In Throne And Liberty – Guild VS Guild PVP

Riftstones in Throne and Liberty are one of the core GvG activities. Gather your arms and train till your hearts give out! Here is everything you need to know about the Guild Wars in Throne and Liberty.

riftstone in throne and liberty

Riftstone In Throne And Liberty

What Is A Riftstone In Throne And Liberty?

What is a Riftstone? A Riftstone is a capture zone where guilds fight amongst each other to claim and defend. After capture obtaining access to an extra guild raid is accessible only through interacting with the stone and only when part of the owner guild. Each stone is associated with a specific boss.


Guild Wars

To capture a Riftstone, players must first join a guild to participate in a game mode called “Conquest Battle“. What is a Conquest Battle? Conquest Battles are where guilds fight to obtain possession over a Riftstone or a Boonstone. Here we will focus more on the Riftstone.

In Conquest Battle guilds must be at least level 5 to compete for a Riftstone. After achieving this level the leader, adviser, or the guild’s guardian must then register and prepare the guild for the battle. Before doing so, the guild must have a flag. The flag can be purchased at one of the guild supplies shop. Players can participate as a solo player but they will not be able to claim the stone. For this game mode it is better to participate with a guild.


Now that we have the technicals out of the way, let’s begin with the mechanics. As mentioned, guilds must be at least level 5 to compete for a Riftstone in Throne and Liberty.


In Conquest Battle, guilds can obtain up to 3 Riftstones. For some stones, guilds may have to wait for them to be available for capture but the winning guilds have control and power over the stones for about 36 hours and after that time Riftstones become unprotected and available for other guilds to fight over. The winning guilds can also defend their title over the stone against attacking guilds.

battle 2

To claim victory over the Riftstone, one guild must reach the full 100% capture rate over it. The guild with the most surviving members wins the stone as the number of members increases the capture rate of the guild. A guild’s capture attempt will be stopped if their numbers or capture rate drops to 0. If a guild reaches more than 66% capture rate, the capture rate progresses much faster for the winning guild and the losing guilds’ progress decreases faster over time. 

guild wars
An example of the progress rates of guilds as well as the battle timer.

The whole battle lasts 30 minutes and within that time one guild must occupy the Riftstone and defend it as long as they can. If no one reaches 100%, the Conquest Battle will end with no victor and the owning title will stay the same and remain with the initial guild that owned the Stone. A guild is in control they must wait until the timer runs out to confirm their victory. This also means that they can still be defeated and another guild can take the stone so long as there is enough time. If a guild were to try to reclaim the Stone after being defeated they must first buy another flag to put up and use for their capture.

Riftstone Rewards

The rewards of capturing the Riftstone are listed below.

  • The winning guild will be granted a buff that increases all guild members’ stats.
  • The winning guild will have access to the dimensional space of the Riftstone.
  • Guild points
  • The winning guild can access a daily reset boss.


Is it necessary to be in a guild to compete?

No, players can compete for the Riftstone without a guild but if you’d like to take the benefits and rewards, you must join in one.

Are we allowed to buy as many flags as we can?

Yes, you can buy as many flags as you can so long as you have the resources to do so.

Are there any suggested weapons for combat?

Players can freely use whatever they are comfortable with. There are no special weapons in combat for the Riftstone. Just fight your way to victory!

What would be the best possible way to take control of the Riftstone?

To make your battle more efficient and quick, it is highly recommended to prepare multiple banners/flags in case of defeat to cut on time. It is also suggested to upgrade your weapons and armor to the best you can to benefit you in eliminating enemies and keeping yourself safe.

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