Sheepish Reconnaissance: A Hunter’s Courageous Journey

Embark on an extraordinary quest known as Sheepish Reconnaissance a tradition among hunters where they undertake a perilous pilgrimage among wolves by transforming into the seemingly vulnerable sheep. We will take a look at what you will need to do as well as how to do it.

sheepish running

Talking to the Hunter at Western Campsite

Initiate the quest by engaging in conversation with the hunter stationed at the western campsite. Learn about the intriguing Sheepish Reconnaissance and the significance it holds in recognizing a true hunter.

talking into the hunter

Transformation with the Sheep Morphstone

Discover the sheep morphstone in the western campsite, a crucial tool to kickstart your transformation . Click on the morphstone, and witness of your character transforming into a sheep that will set the stage for your challenging journey.

transforming into sheep

Navigating the Wolf-Infested Fields

Your primary goal is to travel between campsites without dying to the wolves lurking in the fields. Plan your route carefully to avoid the wolves as much as you can.

running sheepish

Morph Stone at Western Campsite

Utilize the morph stone at the western campsite to initiate your transformation and set forth on your journey towards the northern pilgrimage stone.


Northern Pilgrimage Stone

Upon reaching the northern campsite, locate the Northern pilgrimage stone. Interact with this significant landmark to mark your progress and proceed with the quest.

transforming back to human

For the second leg of your journey, transform once again into a sheep using the morphstone near the Northern pilgrimage stone and travel once again from the northern campsite into the Abandoned watch tower.

transform into sheep

Watchover Pilgrimage Stone

Navigate to the Abandoned Watchtower and find the Watchover Pilgrimage stone. This stone holds the key to unlocking the final steps of your Sheepish Reconnaissance. At the Abandoned Watchtower, interact with the Abandoned Pilgrimage stone once again and come back to the Western Campsite to complete the quest.

Completing the Quest

Make your way back to the western campsite. Interact with the Western Pilgrimage stone to complete your quest and prove yourself as a recognized hunter.

returning into western camp

Sheepish Reconnaissance is not merely a quest; it’s a symbolic journey that encapsulates the essence of a hunter’s courage. Successfully transforming into the weakest animal and navigating the wolf-infested fields showcases your mettle and earns you the recognition you deserve.


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