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NCSoft has released information regarding the new Skill Conversion System coming with their January 17th update.

Skill Conversion System Details


Skill Conversion System

A skill conversion system will be added in the update on January 17, 2024 (Wednesday).​

▶What is a Skill Conversion Book?◀

This is a conversion book used to change the growth values ​​of skills. When switching one skill, one item is consumed. The skill type and initial level determine which skills you can switch to.​

▶How to use the skill conversion book◀

1. Open the skill window and enter the “Skill Enhancement” menu.

※ For skills that have grown to the final level, you can directly enter the “Conversion” menu.

2. Click the “Conversions” tab.

3. Select the skill you want to change.

1) When switching skills, it is exchanged for the level and growth value of the selected skill. If you want the growth value of “Zephyr’s Nock (currently: 17% at hero level 5)” to be converted to “Precision Dash (currently: 30% at rare level 2)”, it will be changed as follows.

Skill NameLevel Transition
Zephyr’s NockHeroic level 5 17% -> Rare level 2 30%
Precision DashRare level 2 30% -> Heroic level 5 17%

2) Skill switching is only possible between skills with the same starting grade. However, only skills with the same starting grade can be switched. Second, only skills with the same skill type (used/active/resistance use skills) can be switched. For example, In the case of the longbow weapon’s “Nature’s Blessing” skill, the starting grade is Rare, so when changing to a Greatsword weapon, the level can be changed to the “DaVinci’s Courage” skill and the “Death Blow” skill.

​- Types of starting grades

① Starting Uncommon Skills/Defense Skills

WeaponSkill Name
GreatswordIron Point Parry, Valiant Brawl, Precision Dash, Stunning Blow
Sword & ShieldShield Survival Technique, Shield Strike, Drastic Charge, Counter Barrier
DaggerAmbush Stance, Predatory Strike, Shadow Strike, Inject Venom
LongbowOvertaker, Zephyr’s Nock, Ensnaring Arrow, Decisive Sniping
CrossbowSustaining Roll, Quick Fire, Nimble Leap, Mortal Mark
StaffMystic Shield, Chain Lightning, Serial Flame Bombs, Smokescreening Frost
Wand & TomeChaotic Shield, Touch of Despair, Curse Explosion, Swift Healing

​② Starting Uncommon Active Skills

WeaponSkill Name
GreatswordRobust Constitution, Vital Force
Sword & ShieldExperienced Evasion, Resilience
DaggerAssassin’s Step, Assassin’s Instincts
LongbowRapidshot Stance, Firm Aim
CrossbowEagle Vision, Ambidexterity
StaffMana Ball Eruption, Asceticism
Wand & TomeFull of Corruption, Devotion and Emptiness

​③ Starting Rare Use Skills

WeaponSkill Name
GreatswordDeath Blow, DaVinci’s Courage
Sword & ShieldChain Hook, Provoking Roar
DaggerBrutal Incision, Knife Throwing
LongbowStrafing, Nature’s Blessing
CrossbowMulti Shot, Selfless Erosion
StaffInferno Wave, Inner Peace
Wand & TomeCorrupted Magic Circle, Cursed Nightmare

​④ Starting Rare Active Skill

WeaponSkill Name
GreatswordCold Warrior, Victor’s Morale
Sword & ShieldAegis Shield, Spectrum of Agony
DaggerProfuse Poison, Shadow Walker
LongbowSniper’s Sense, Distorted Sanctuary
CrossbowNatures Power, Crucial Chance
StaffMana Amp, Flame Condensation
Wand & TomeWraith’s Beckon, Bloody Contract

​⑤ Starting Heroic Use Skills

WeaponSkill Name
GreatswordGaia Crash, Devastating Tornado, Will Breaker, Ascension Slash
Sword & ShieldShield Throw, Fortress, Annihilating Slash, Fierce Clash
DaggerAnkle Slash, Camouflage Cloak, Black Wind Spirit, Fatal Stigma
LongbowBrutal Arrow, Deadly Marker, Purifying Touch, Arrow Vortex
CrossbowThorn Gale, Mana Recoup Technique, Recoil Fire, Merciless Barrage
StaffIcebound Tomb, Ice Spear, High Locus, Judgment Lightning
Wand & TomeClay’s Salvation, Time for Punishment, Blessed Barrier, Karmic Haze

​⑥ Starting Heroic Active Skills

WeaponSkill Name
GreatswordRaging Frenzy, Indomitable Armor, Barbarian’s Dash
Sword & ShieldGerad’s Patience, Impenetrable, Eternal Knight
DaggerVicious Fangs, Assassination Stance, Wrathful Edge
LongbowRoxie’s Arrowhead, Ensnaring Loader, Devoted Shield
CrossbowCorrupt Nail, Detection, Piercing Strike
StaffEchoic Barrier, Lord of Frost, Forbidden Sanctuary
Wand & TomeNoble Revival, Saints Oath, Flawless Spirit

​⑦ Resistance event use skills

– The skills acquired from the Resistance event can be switched between the skills acquired from the Resistance event.​

4. Each time you change one skill, one Skill Conversion Book is required. The conversion cost is the same regardless of the skill level or growth stage. To commemorate the introduction of the skill conversion system, an event will be held for two weeks where you can purchase skill conversion books with Solant at special stores.

[Skill Conversion Book Event]

– Sales period: After regular maintenance on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, ~ Before regular maintenance on Wednesday, January 31, 2024

– Product information

Product NamePriceTrade/Destruction/WarehouseConfiguration ItemsPayment QuantityPurchase Limit
Skill Conversion Book1,000 SollantX/X/OSkill Conversion BookOne10 Times Per Account

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