Stonemason Request: For Whom The Bell Tolls

In the Ruins of Turayne, a tale of valor and loss unfolds as you encounter a discouraged stonemason haunted by the echoes of a past mission. This stonemason, once a brave resistance soldier, reminisces about a crucial mission against the Arkeum, an ancient foe threatening their land. His solemn regret stems from a fateful day when, due to a mishap, he couldn’t ring the bell in time, leading to the demise of his comrades. The Stonemason longs to fulfill their legacy by ringing the bell, entrusting you with this task.

talk to discouraged stonemason

Ringing the First Bell

Upon accepting the stonemason’s plea, your journey commences by locating the first bell tower near the waypoint at Ruins of Turayne. As you approach the tower, you realize the ascent is impossible.

first bell

However, resourcefulness prevails as you find a higher vantage point atop Purelight Hill. Morphing into a bird, you gracefully descend.

hike in a mountain

Ensuring precise aim as you ring the bell, marking the beginning of your noble quest.

go for the bell

Ringing the Second Bell

The second bell, mirroring the first, poses a similar challenge as the first one wherein you can’t find another way to go up and ring the bell.


Undeterred, you spot a watcher outpost outside the ruins, offering an ideal perch for your avian transformation.

With steady resolve, you descend and ring the bell, a testament to your unwavering determination in the face of adversity.

Ringing the Third Bell

As you approach the third bell tower, the absence of a direct route tests your ingenuity.

third bell

Observing a nearby watch post tower that you can use to glide down to reach the bell tower.

You glide down, skillfully reaching the bell’s location. With each toll, you overcome obstacles, inching closer to fulfilling the stonemason’s wish.

Ringing the Fourth Bell

The fourth bell tower, situated near the watcher’s post awaits your arrival.

fourth bell

Teleporting to the post, you need to go into the watch post with purpose, aligning your sights with the bell tower.

glide swiftly

With unwavering resolve, you ring the bell.

ring the bell

Talk to the Discouraged Stonemason

Returning to the ruins, you seek out the discouraged stonemason. Overwhelmed with gratitude, he witnesses your triumph, his sorrow mingling with newfound hope. Tears of remembrance cascade as he acknowledges the fulfillment of his comrades’ legacy, forever grateful for your selfless act.


Reaping the Rewards: Shade Revenant Stheno

Upon completing the quest, adventurers are bestowed with a guardian known as Shade Revenant Stheno. This formidable entity comes bearing a powerful ability named Dread Shard, wherein it unleashes five projectiles at unsuspecting foes within a 10-meter radius every second. Notably, a solitary adversary might find themselves struck by multiple projectiles simultaneously. Each of these projectiles inflicts 52% of the base damage, adding to the potency of Stheno’s presence on the battlefield.

guardian pledge

“For Whom the Bell Tolls” transcends a mere quest, weaving a narrative of sacrifice, redemption, and gratitude. Through our actions, we honor the memory of fallen heroes and forge new bonds in the crucible of adventure. As the bells toll, they serve as a reminder of the indomitable spirit that endures, even in the face of adversity.


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