Collecting the Tools : Stonemasons Confession Quest

In the shadows of an abandoned stonemason town lies a mysterious confession, a letter left near a giant statue. The tale unfolds the struggles of a stonemason who, despite accomplishing great feats with the devil’s tools, found himself consumed by their malevolent power. Join us on this intriguing journey as we delve into the quest to uncover the stonemason’s last letter and bring closure to a haunting chapter.


Explore the last letter of the troubled stonemason, left near the giant statue. The confession reveals the internal struggle with the devil’s tools, compelling the desperate act of throwing them away. The context of the stonemason’s great achievements achieved with tools of dark power. Understand the toll it took on the stonemason’s soul as the devil’s influence ate away at their essence.


Collecting the Stonemason

Retrieve the stonemason tool from the summit of the abandoned town. For a more convenient ascent, follow the trail of blue paint on the mountainside, situated on the right side.


Navigating the jumping spot presents a challenge in this quest, as leaping on rocks can be challenging. However, you have the option to switch between morph and your character to enhance your hiking abilities. Continue to follow the blue paint as it leads the path up to the summit.


You’ll find the stonemason tool at the highest point of Stonemason’s Town, and fortunately, it appears untouched by anyone else.

The Basilisk Encounter

Embark on a journey to find the other stonemason tool from the basilisks. Conquer these mythical creatures and retrieve the tool. The drop is pretty random, you need patience in order to get the tool out of the basilisk.


Burning the Devil’s Tools

Witness the culmination of the quest as the stonemason’s tools are burned in the giant brazier. Reflect on the significance of preventing other masons from succumbing to the devil’s power.

burn the tools

Embark on the stonemason’s quest, a tale of redemption and closure. Unearth the secrets of the devil’s tools, confront basilisks, and fulfill the stonemason’s final wish by burning the instruments of darkness. This quest promises not only adventure but a profound journey into the soul of a stonemason seeking absolution.


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