The Lithograph Book In Throne And Liberty

The Lithograph Book in Throne And Liberty is a superb tool to help players quickly step up their game allowing them to trade in duplicate items for new materials or lithographs of the same or higher rarity

The Lithograph Book

The Lithograph Book

Players can navigate to their Lithograph Book by pressing f10 (default) and clicking the Lithograph Book icon under the “Item” tab. From here they are greeted with an interface like the one shown above and from here we can start to understand the Lithograph Book itself.

The Lithograph Book has a pretty simple UI, giving the players the ability to favorite up to 100 Lithographs so they show up on the top of the page no matter the rarity. Players also get to see how many of the 192 total Lithographs they have completed and which rarity they are. Other then that all this page tells us is which items we require (minimum 2 up to 4) in order to complete what Lithographs and see their rewards.

Completing A Lithograph

In order to complete your first Lithograph in the Lithograph Book all you will need is the items required, you can find out how to obtain these by clicking on them and looking at the detailed information in the right most panel, you can obtain the items in one of three ways: Open field/open dungeon hunting, Paola’s dungeons and crafting. All items which can be found in the open field or open dungeons can be sold on the marketplace meaning you could acquire them that way if you have spare lucent laying around.

Rewards And Importance

The Lithograph Book allows players to obtain a large variety of rewards ranging from uncommon lithographs all the way to purple skill choice chests, its an important part of a player progression especially when it comes to those skill books early on. Using only craftable uncommon Lithographs you can already get up to 15 passive and 15 active rare skill books, we can even buy all the uncommon accessory, armor and weapon Lithographs to craft all the required items for practically free using our Contract Tokens at the Contract Token Vendor.

The Lithograph Book

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