Throne and Liberty FAQ

Throne and Liberty is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). The version currently in development is a third person action game which has changed since its initial inception. This will be our Throne and Liberty FAQ.

The original concept was that it was part of the Lineage series and a sequel to the first Lineage game. As it began development it has moved away from this, having its oven story and being completely separate from the Lineage games.

With the release getting closer and closer and the game coming to its finally development stages here some top frequently asked questions.

Throne and Liberty FAQ

Throne and Liberty FAQ

What kind of game is Throne and Liberty?
Throne and Liberty is a MMORPG set in a fantasy world and will be available on both console and PC. The game is not set in the Lineage universe but a newly developed world with new characters and many continents.

What kind of game content does Throne and Liberty have?
– There will be a combat system PVE and PVP that can be influenced by the time of day (Day/Night)
– You will have the ability to transform into different creatures such as; Birds, Fish, Boars and Siege Golems
– There will be many puzzles to complete, quests and explorations
– Battle many bosses, show you skills in PVP, interplayer wars and castle sieges

When will Throne and Liberty Release?
Unfortunately there is no exact date confirmed currently, however the release is expected to be in the first half 2023. The launch is planned to be a global release.

Will Throne and Liberty be Pay to Win?

NCSoft states “Throne and Liberty would avoid ‘excessive pay-to-win’ elements”. You can read more about P2W in T&L here.

What game engine is the game being developed on? What are the system requirements?
There is no specific information on the system requirements yet. The game is rumoured to have been developed in Unreal Engine 4.

Who is the publisher and what countries will the game be released in?
It has been announced to be released in North America and Asia. Being published by NCSoft Offices but other partners may be involved also. There has been no announcement for a transfer of publishing rights in any region or country.

What is known about localization languages?
In February 2022 it was announced to have localization in 12 different languages. This is in addition to; Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese.

Throne and Liberty FAQ

Which platforms will Throne and Liberty be released on?
It has been announced the game will release concurrently on PC and Console. There has been no information on the support of previous generation consoles. Also highlighted is that there will be no cross play. We hope this Throne and Liberty FAQ is insightful.

Will Throne and Liberty have Blockchain and NFT Technology?
Currently no NCSoft game supports these technologies, although it has been reported these technologies are being studied for implementation into new projects. There is no information on the technology development for Throne and Liberty release. This is our Throne and Liberty FAQ.

How many players are the servers designed for and what is known about regional restrictions?
There is no information on server architecture, the sneak peaks have shown groups of around 100-150 players in a small venue.

How many classes will there be in Throne and Liberty?
There is no classic class choice in Throne and Liberty. You will play as Humans but in the world itself there are elves and orcs. You choose two weapons and upgrade them, this will give you your “class”. You do have the ability to change your choice at any time.

RvR? What about guild systems for PvP?
A guild system has been announced but there are no specific details. It is thought RvR is unlikely.

Project E and Throne and Liberty?
T&L and Project E are being developed in the same universe, but the games will be on neighbouring continents. Project E has been in the design stage and is now moving to full development phase. Anything not included in T&L will likely be in Project E. It’s rumoured that Project E will not be a MMORPG but there are no details on this. Due to Project E’s stage of development it is likely this will be released much later and on Unreal Engine 5.

Throne and Liberty FAQ

Will there be CBT of Throne and Liberty? Will the game be shown before release?
It is currently unknown if T&L will have CBT. NCSoft’s latest projects have only undergone internal testing and NDA testing. Throne and Liberty FAQ. NCSoft announced that it has revised its community policy and will give further announcements on its plans. If there is further announcement on this please be sure to check back and see how you can get involved.


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