Throne and Liberty PVE

NCSoft’s latest game, Throne and Liberty, is probably thee most anticipated MMO’s expected to release in 2023. With the Developers boasting that both PVE and PVP will play an equal part in this upcoming MMO. Everyone is waiting to find out how the balance between Throne and Liberty PVE and PVP will work.

Typically most MMO’s have a portion of the player base who only do PVE activities. As well as a portion who only do PVP. Then there is a large portion of the player base who like to get involved in both PVE and PVP.

In the recent Director’s Preview released by NCSoft we got a closer look at some of the core Throne and Liberty PVE.

Throne and Liberty PVE

Open World

The fully weather dynamic seamless open world of T&L is the main focus point for the developers with fast expanses and interesting POI’s a large portion of the players playtime will be exploring around the fast expanse of this living breathing open world. A large variety of common enemies can be found here as well guarding POI’s and the world’s secrets. Most of the world is made up of zones with separate climates/enemy types/cities and their own story.

Open World Bosses

During the exploration of T&L’s fast and completely seamless open world there is a plethora of open world bosses with their own unique spawn conditions and abilities. Some of these bosses will transform the area they are in from a “Safe zone” to a pvp enabled zone for their spawn duration, others might not.

Throne and Liberty PVE


During several of the trailer and gameplay videos we’ve been teased with some interesting details about dungeons including the ability to freely roam the dungeon allowing players to skip everything straight to the final boss of the dungeon if they feel up for the challenge. There appears to be several jump puzzles and other parkour options available to manoeuvre through the dungeons several floors. Dungeons seem to have at least a main boss and several other POI’s inside of them. 

Throne and Liberty PVE

Dynamic Events

The world’s day/night cycle and dynamic weather events are said to have a massive impact on the world during a player’s playthrough, the main goal is to have the game feel like a living and breathing organism according to the developers of T&L. We can expect to see events like but not limited to:
– Rain
– Flooding
– Drought
– Day/Night
– (extreme) Wind
– Blood Moon

Throne and Liberty PVE

Throne and Liberty PVE During PVP

During the director’s preview we got a quick look at a PVP mode involving siege golems and other summons to aid the siege.


The Liberty in Throne and Liberty stands for the ability to freely explore during every second of your gameplay, even during the story the player has full control over where he can and can’t go. It also stands for the ability to make connections with other players to successfully conquer together. No boundaries no restrictions, endless possibilities.

Throne and Liberty PVE


There is surprisingly little known about the questing within T&L, with its confusing development story being a lineage sequel but later on being brought into a separate world and story. We hope to see some familiar faces but for now we can confirm very little about the actual content of the quests. What we can comment on is the graphical fidelity of T&L’s NPC characters as much attention was paid to making them as life-like as humanly possible within sensible limits.

Weather and Environment

During the director preview we observed a few dynamic weather events most notably: 

  • Rain
  • Storms
  • Drought
  • Wind
  • Moon cycles


With the dynamic world comes the zone ecosystems causing dynamic change through them with resource and spawn changes dependant on weather or day/night cycles or causing whole new ecosystems to appear after heavy storms or floods.

Safe Zones

By default all zones are PVP safe zones making them safe for Throne and Liberty PVE activities but this often changes due to world events and will be predictable so no player has to run into unexpected pvp.


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