Treasure of Daybreak: Sandflame Bandits Legacy

The Sandflame Bandits have a key to the Treasure of Daybreak. You will need to fight Flame Fighters and make your way through a camp and figure out a map so you can find this treasure that is so well protected.

treasure hunting

Defeating Flame Fighters for the Key

You will start by fighting the flame fighters and aim to acquire the loot chest key. Be ready for a few battles as the key is a random drop. You might need to kill a few before the key drops.

obtaining key

Opening the Treasure Loot Chest

Having obtained the key, proceed to the Sandflame Bandits’ headquarters. Exercise caution during the infiltration process. Once inside, you’ll come across a chest located within one of the tents.

opening the loot

Unlock the loot chest to reveal the coveted collection codex. There you will see a mysterious drawing that holds the key to the Treasure of Daybreak.

treasure map

Decrypting the Codex

Inspect the drawing within the loot chest, accompanied by a cryptic phrase: “The true power will be granted when the night turns to morning.” Carefully close the chest and, as it opens, a fallen paper gives you the codex that can carry around while you treasure hunting.

Waiting for Sunrise

Arrive at the stone shown in the drawing located near the Aster Gathering campsite and patiently wait for the morning or sunrise. The magical moment arrives when the sun’s first rays touch the stone revealing the long-awaited treasure box.

Shiny Stone and Urupa’s Message

Within the treasure box, buried in the sand, discover a note accompanied by a shiny stone. The note commends your skills and hints at joining the esteemed Sandflame Bandits. However, a final trial awaits – to embrace the spirit of the bandit’s founder, Urupa.

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