Amazon Games will Publish Throne and Liberty

After months of speculation due to rumours that appeared a while ago, NCSoft confirmed today that Amazon Games will Publish Throne and Liberty in the west. Meaning North America, South America, Europe and Japan. Amazon Games will publish the title for PC, Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S with support for Crossplay.

Amazon Games will Publish Throne and Liberty

This doesn’t come as a shock to current MMORPG players however the community has its concerns. Amazon’s own MMORPG New World has not had the best reviews and is constantly declining in players. The New World community’s responses to the recent updates, The Leader board feature and the Crassus content patch has been pretty negative. Amazon Games also recently published Lost Ark which is doing better than New World, but also not had the best reviews from the Community in terms of updates and responses from AGS.

The Contract: Amazon Games will Publish Throne and Liberty

Officially NCSoft and AGS have not disclosed any formal information regarding their relationship outside of the statement published on the AGS Website. There has been this Sales/Supply contract which has been declared which was also talked about on the website.

This is a disclosure agreement showing investors the new sales and supply contract between AGS and NCSoft. We have no way of verifying the total amount NCSoft spent on this contract as they have the right to keep this secret until 2028-09-30. The contract amount was described as “more than 2.5% (approximately 57.7 billion won, around $40 million) of the consolidated annual sales of 2.3 trillion won in 2021. So, NCSoft confirmed today that Amazon Games will Publish Throne and Liberty in the west.

NCSoft confirmed today that Amazon Games will Publish Throne and Liberty in the west

AGS Stated: “NCSOFT has created some of the most popular and longest-running online games in the world, so it’s no surprise that Throne and Liberty is among today’s most anticipated MMOs,” said Christoph Hartmann, VP, Amazon Games.” Amazon Games will Publish Throne and Liberty!

“Publishing games that live and grow over time remains a critical piece of our strategy, and delivering games of the highest quality from the world’s most talented developers is one of the cornerstones of our business. The last year has taught us a great deal about publishing and managing a successful live-service game on a global scale, and we’re ready to bring Throne and Liberty players an incredible experience at launch.”

Amazon Games will Publish Throne and Liberty in the west.

Throne and Liberty is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that combines story-driven adventure and action combat. In Throne and Liberty, players enter a vast world with constantly shifting geographical and environmental features that change the course of play. Massive-scale player vs. player and player vs. environment combat are fundamental to Throne and Liberty. Players can transform into animals to soar through the air or explore the depths of the sea, and even tip the odds of battle in their favor by triggering powerful environmental effects, like solar eclipses or rainstorms.” Amazon Games will Publish Throne and Liberty in the west.

“NCSOFT has a long history of developing and publishing beloved multiplayer franchises across the globe, including Lineage, AION, Blade & Soul, and Guild WarsThrone and Liberty is the latest next-gen MMO from the South Korea-based developer, and its first to be released across multiple regions in collaboration with an external publisher.”

“Amazon Games is one of the most reliable partners for publishing massive live-service games globally, with proven expertise in operations, localization, marketing, and community support,” said Moonyoung Choi, principal development management officer at NCSOFT. “

“For our next-gen flagship title, we’re confident they are the right publisher to bring Throne and Liberty’s inimitable value and its dynamic, immersive MMO experience to players around the world.”

Throne and Liberty continues Amazon Games’ momentum in game publishing, following the success of its internally developed MMO New World and action RPG Lost Ark from Smilegate RPG, both of which have toppedSteam and Twitch charts and continue to nurture strong player communities. Amazon has also announced publishing agreements with Bandai Namco Online for Blue Protocol, Crystal Dynamics for the next major Tomb Raider game, and Glowmade and Disruptive Games for unannounced titles.”

Amazon Games will Publish Throne and Liberty in the west.

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