Throne and Liberty Beta Test End of May

It was only just recently that we got inside information that Throne and Liberty was being delayed until later this year from, this latest article confirms that with the new release date being October 2023. We do have some news that a Throne and Liberty Beta Test End is coming in May.

Throne and Liberty Beta Test End

With Amazon Games meeting with NCSoft to discuss the collaboration and release of the much anticipated game, there has been confirmation that there will be a Closed Beta Test at the End of May 2023.

Throne and Liberty Beta Test End

Throne and Liberty has gone through some changes in the past few months with Amazon Games now publishing the title in the West and some internal Beta tests happening in Korea.

A lot of the News we’ve been getting has been coming from Korean Business News Websites rather than from NCSoft or AGS Directly, so lets take all this information with a pinch of salt at this point.

Throne and Liberty is now set to release in October with a Closed Beta at the end of May! It looks like this may be yet another Closed internal beta test with AGS and NCSoft.

Throne and Liberty Beta Test End

I do hold my hopes high that we will get to test out the game for ourselves in the coming months however. Interestingly T&L used to be called Lineage Eternal which was being developed around 2013 but in 2016 the Lead Dev was replaced by Captain Choi Moon-Young.

The game was originally being developed on the same engine as Guild Wars but the new Lead Dev swapped this to Unreal Engine 4. This was when the Title was re-branded to Throne and Liberty.

While we now have a longer wait for Throne and Liberty Beta Test, why not take a look at everything we know about PVE and PVP.



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