Throne and Liberty Delayed

Throne and Liberty Delayed Until Late 2023

An article we didn’t want to write, but it seems today is the day. Reports from a Korean Business Site has shared information that Throne and Liberty is Delayed until the 3rd Quarter this year.

NCSoft Throne and Liberty Delayed

It’s been a while since we’ve had any formal communications from NCSoft and Throne & Liberty. We did recently learn however that Amazon Games will publish Throne and Liberty in the West. We had assumed the worst and that we could expect a delay, but we will be awaiting formal information from NCSoft on this. We also have the launch of Diablo 4 in June which is when T&L was scheduled.

Throne and Liberty Director's Preview Throne and Liberty Delayed

Throne and Liberty Delayed

“Although reiterating a Buy rating, we lower our TP on NCSOFT from W620,000 to W530,000. As the launch schedule for Throne and Liberty (TL) has been delayed from June to 3Q23, we relocate our related earnings estimates by about one quarter and reduce our overall earnings forecasts for 2023.

However, we point out that TL remains the most anticipated PC title for the firm in a long time. To be published with Amazon (which succeeded with Lost Ark in North America) the new game is expected to achieve solid results in global markets and create a strong path for the company into the console market. Thus, despite the delay in the release schedule for TL to 3Q23, our expectations are still upbeat towards the game’s market prospects.”

It is unfortunate that Throne and Liberty Delayed, but we will be continuing to cover Throne and Liberty on the lead up to its release.


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