Throne And Liberty Internal Alpha Rumors

After months of silence on the topic earlier this week it appears Amazon Games is offering its staff an early peak into the world of Throne And Liberty, Lets take a look into these Throne And Liberty internal alpha rumors.

Throne And Liberty internal alpha rumors

Throne And Liberty Internal Alpha Rumors

With a leaked image stemming from a new deleted reddit account we got to see what we can only presume is an internal Amazon Games Email inviting employees to a 5 day Alpha test for Throne And Liberty, Starting on April 4th and running through till April 9th Amazon Games will supposably be allowing their employees to take a crack at exploring and testing their newest publishing deal, Throne And Liberty. Citing Throne And Liberty is a “Free to play massively multiplayer online role-playing game launching on PCs and consoles”

Throne And Liberty internal alpha rumors

Free to Play?

A bonus to this announcement comes from the description used within the internal email stating Throne and Liberty will be a “Free to play multiplayer online role-playing game” Finally giving players some much needed closure on the box price of the game. We suspect due to the free to play nature we will be seeing a rather robust cash shop but due to the focus on the western market we expect P2W to be largely excluded from it.


Sadly as is with all “Leaks” we have no way of confirming the actual Validity of the source and the claims made, we urge strong caution basing anything off of unverified claims until further evidence around the situation comes to light. The post in question has since been deleted off the Throne And Liberty Reddit and the users account has been deactivated, what this says for the validity of the source is hard to say as there could have been multiple reasons for the user to deactivate his or her account or for amazon to petition Reddit to delete the users account instead.

Throne And Liberty internal alpha rumors

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