Best Mutations in Grounded

The player starts with two slots for Mutations but this can be increased to 5 with Milk Molars. There are 33 Mutations to be acquired by the player and we are going to show you the best. These are the Best Mutations in Grounded.

Mutations are perks, sort of like upgrades to your character. You obtain the mutations from completing certain challenges throughout the backyard. While some Mutations can be upgraded for doing specific gameplay tasks a certain number of times to unlock or progress to the next phase.

Best Mutations in Grounded

#10 Parry Master

The Parry Master is a great mutation if you are solo or with a team. If youโ€™re solo, practicing the perfect block will greatly enhance your survival rate. If youโ€™re playing co-op taking this as a tank type class is also a good idea! Your impeccable timing gives you an extreme advantage when blocking attacks. Gives perfect blocks a 100% chance to refund a certain amount of stamina. (5/10/15)

  • Phase 1: Perfect Block 20 times
  • Phase 2: Perfect Block 60 times
  • Phase 3: Perfect Block 100 times

#9 Grass Master

This is a great mutation for when youโ€™re building up your base. Mow that grass down and get yourself a good protective base setup. Like an insatiable lumberjack youโ€™re becoming a living lawn mower. Your intimate knowledge of chopping grass allows you to topple them with increasing ease. Increases Chopping Efficiency. (25%/50%/100%). Harvesting grass has a 100% chance to return a certain amount of stamina. (5/10/15). A great mutation in the Best Mutations in Grounded!

  • Phase 1: Chop 50 Blades of Grass
  • Phase 2: Chop 200 Blades of Grass
  • Phase 3: Chop 500 Blades of Grass

#8 Juicy

In the early game, worrying about water can be a little frustrating, if you find all 5 Juice Boxes you will unlock the Juicy Mutation which will decrease Thirst 50% slower.

#7 Cardio Fan

Cardio Fan Mutation

Exhausting your tiny body over and over again, your cells adopt a more efficient respiration process! This Mutation will increase your stamina making fighting and general exploration a bit easier. Increases Stamina Regen (10%/15%/20%). Decreases exhaustion time. (10%/20%/30%)

  • Phase 1: Exhaust the player 100 times
  • Phase 2: Exhaust the player 250 times
  • Phase 3: Exhaust the player 500 times

#6 Mithridatism

Best Mutations in Grounded

This is one of the harder mutation to get, so you will need to work hard for this one. Your body has been ravaged by the thrilling surge of poison coursing through so many times that it has built up a permanent resistance. Increases resistance to Poison (25%/50%/75%).

  • Phase 1: Kill 1 Wolf Spider
  • Phase 2: Kill 5 Wolf Spiders
  • Phase 3: Kill 10 Wolf Spiders

This would be higher on our list of Best Mutations in Grounded however its quite hard to activate.

#5 in the Best Mutations in Grounded, Barbarian

Best Mutations in Grounded

Depending on your playstyle, this mutation might be great for you. You will be unable to perfect block, but you will deal much more damage. Strong and reckless, you pride yourself in using the biggest weapons possible. Your muscular arms have no problems swinging clubs with great force and blind rage. You deal largely increased damage while raged but cannot time your blocks correctly.

  • Club attacks will make the player enter a Rage mode for 10 seconds.
    • Increases overall damage. (15%/20%/25%)
    • Removes perfect blocks.

  • Phase 3: Rage regenerates 1 health per second.
  • This only activates when using a Spiky Sprig. Red Ant Club, Fire Ant Club, Salt Morning Star, Mint Mace, Pinch Whacker, Prod Smacker, or Club of the Mother Demon.

  • Phase 1: Kill 40 Creatures with a Club
  • Phase 2: Kill 100 Creatures with a Club
  • Phase 3: Kill 200 Creatures with a Club

#4 Natural Explorer

Natural Explorer Mutation

Although it may seem like just a backyard, its quite big! Having some increased sprint speed can be quite convenient. Powered by intuition, your tiny feet skitter through the muck and weeds ever quicker. Increases Sprint Speed (20%/35%/50%) All speed bonuses cease when attacking a creature and will reapply when the creature dies or de-aggros.

  • Phase 1: Discover 20 Landmarks
  • Phase 2: Discover 50 Landmarks
  • Phase 3: Discover 80 Landmarks

#3 Fresh Defense

Fresh Defense Mutation

A plume of mint dust envelopes you and sends a cool wave rippling through your skin. Cells activate a freshness layer to combat the sting of all that stinks and burns. Increases Resistance to gas and burning damage (25%/50%/50%). Sizzle rate reduction (25%/50%/75%).

  • Phase 1: Eat 1 Mint Shard
  • Phase 2: Eat 5 Mint Shards
  • Phase 3: Eat 10 Mint Shards

#2 Buff Lungs

Best Mutations in Grounded

Making it to number to in the Best Mutations in Grounded, Buff Lungs. Increasing your stamina You inhale and your cells burn bright with an enhanced energy capacity. Increases Max Stamina by 30. You will need 3000 RAW Science and the Red Anthill BURG.L Chip.

#1 Meat Shield

Best Mutations in Grounded

This is a great mutation to help you gain more health during the fights in Grounded. Your size to meat ratio is off the charts and you take hits like a champ. Increases Max Health by 30. You will need 3000 RAW Science and it can be obtained from BURG.L.

This is the top of our list in Best Mutations in Grounded.


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