Clover Armor

Clover Armor is an armor that can be crafted at the very early start of the game. It can be crafted from very common materials. This is a very good starter set that I would recommend to a new player due to the 3 good perks you gain, such as the light armor perk, fuller perk and finally the moist perk if you have the full set.

Benefits of Clover Armor

  • Fuller – Stay Full Longer
  • Light Armor – Slight stamina increase required to swing weapons
  • Moist – Retain Water well
Sleek Effect
  • Trickle Regen – Regenerates 0.35 of the players health every 5 seconds.

To gain access to the sleek effect, you will need to upgrade your armor past level 5 to see this hidden benefit.

Clover Hood4 x Clover Leaf
1 x Crude Rope
Defense: 1.5/10
Resistance: +2.5%
Light Armor
Clover Poncho6 x Clover Leaf
3 x Crude Rope
Defense: 3.5/10
Resistance: +5%
Light Armor
Clover Shin Guards3 x Clover Leaf
2 x Crude Rope
2 x Sprig
Defense: 1.5/10
Resistance: +2.5%
Light Armor
Gear Set Bonus: MoistYou’re squishy and retain water well.

Clover armor

Clover Armor Grounded

Clover armor is a great first armor set, you should be able to use it for The Oak Lab and maybe even The Hedge Lab quests. For more information on Grounded take a look at the official website.


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