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Compliance Badge Location

There are many weird and wonderful equip-able Trinkets in Grounded. One of them which you can find pretty early on is the Compliance Badge! As a result it is a good idea to grab it early, so lets discover the Compliance Badge Location!

Compliance Badge Location On Map

Compliance Badge Location map img

As seen above, head out to the Hedge area of the map and find yourself in the bottom left corner.

For the sake of familiarity in this guide, we’ll be starting off at the Mysterious Machine location centered around the early game. The first thing to be aware of when moving towards this trinket is the dangers ahead of us. Pathing the wrong way can very quickly lead you into giant spiders or many other dangerous creatures. As a result, we suggest an easy path as we’ll show below! At most, you’ll maybe deal with 1-2 Larva depending on the time of day.

Waypoint 1

Compliance Badge Location waypoint 1

We’ll begin our journey by setting the first Waypoint just North of the Hedge – Northwest side of the puddle. Moving towards this location instead of rushing in a straight line allows us to avoid the huge spiders that frequent the branch and wooden plank. This waypoint leads you to a dug-out looking road.

Compliance Badge Location road

Waypoint 2

Compliance Badge Location waypoint 2

Heading into the far west side of the Hedge is your safest bet when heading towards the Compliance Badge location. This direction is far away from the huge Hedge spiders and not too close to other threats such as Larva. From here, you’ll want to head straight south until you reach the wall.

Compliance Badge Location waypoint 2 hedge

Compliance Badge Location

Once you’re at the wall, the only thing left to do is stick close to the wall and head towards the cassette and power socket!

Compliance Badge Location final zone

Sometimes, Larva are nesting and sleeping in this location, so heading from this side of the power socket is by far the safest. Once you reach the socket, you’ll see just ahead of you a skeleton corpse!

Compliance Badge Location Corpse img

Not something you typically expect to see in a rather “cute” styled game but, here we are nonetheless! As a result of finding the corpse, interact with it and there you should find your Compliance Badge!

Compliance Badge Location Loot

Finally, we have reached the Compliance Badge location and obtained the Compliance Badge! Once found from the corpse of an Ominent scientist, you’ll be able to equip the Badge and receive the effects of healing from parries but also the trade-off of taking more overall damage. As a result you will have to become quite the parry master to make the most of such a Badge in Grounded!

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