Compliance Badge Location Featured Image

Compliance Badge Location

There are many weird and wonderful equip-able Trinkets in Grounded. One of them which you can find pretty early on is the Compliance Badge! As a result it is a good idea to grab it early, so lets discover the Compliance Badge Location!

Compliance Badge Location On Map

Compliance Badge Location map

As seen above, head out to the Hedge area of the map and find yourself in the bottom left corner. Once you are here, you should come across a giant power outlet!

After finding yourself by this giant power outlet, do not find yourself distracted by the clearly interesting mixtape beside it, but instead look around the ground! If you look carefully enough you should find something rather….morbid for a game such as Grounded.

Compliance Badge Location Corpse

Not something you typically expect to see in a rather β€œcute” styled game but, here we are nonetheless! As a result of finding the corpse, interact with it and there you should find your Compliance Badge!

Finally, we have obtained the Compliance Badge Location and the Badge itself! Once found from the corpse of an Ominent scientist, you will have the ability to equip the Badge and receive the effects of healing from parries but also the trade off of taking more overall damage. As a result you will have to become quite the parry master to make the most of such a Badge in Grounded!


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