Grounded 1.1.2 Patch

Happy Wednesday everyone! The Obsidian team have published a small Bug Fix patch to address some issues the community have been facing recently. They are currently releasing Grounded 1.1.2 Patch to everyone. Please update your game as soon as you can and let us know if you continue to experience any further issues.

Grounded 1.1.2 Patch

Grounded 1.1.2 Patch


  • Clients will no longer sometimes disconnect when respawning inside a large base.
  • Clients will no longer get position desyncing while at bases, especially after having used stairs.
  • Improved network bandwidth usage for clients when walking around a large base.
  • No longer able to duplicate items using drop / transfer item trick at containers.
  • Ammo radial shows the total number of each arrow type you have instead of just a single stack amount.


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