Grounded added a Massive Hot and Hazy Update

Back in late 2021, Grounded added one of their largest updates, Hot and Hazy. This update saw the introduction of new biomes, new weapons and armour, new neighbours and more features.

New Biomes with Hot and Hazy

The Crab Sandbox – Dig up Buried Treasure and find ways to survive the heat of the Sandbox or wait until night to venture into the Sandbox.

The Black Anthill – In the western yard, full of black ants and other backyard secrets. This Dungeon allows players to uncover new Weapons and Armour and it includes a new mini-boss in the Depths.

The Trash Head – Here players will be able to uncover some of the trash left in the backyard. From food items to the AARTZ 3000.

The Picnic Table – Somethings Abuzz over at the picnic table! In Hot and Hazy something will be joining the beehive, players will now be able to find trash from yesterday’s lunch along with the latest and greatest tabletop RPGs. Although you will be too tiny to play, players will be able to have fun exploring.

New Armour & Weapons

With the Hot & Hazy update, brings brand new weapons and armour for you to use while exploring and surviving in the Backyard. Not one, not two, but three new sets have made their way into Grounded!

Plus, we have made some changes to the way armor works by adding new classifications and adjusting set bonuses to make sure you can prepare for surviving the backyard in the best way possible. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the new weapons and shiny new shovel either. So hop in the game, craft your new gear, and celebrate with some glorious Hot Chachas!

Meet the New Neighbours

The infected mites and weevils have some new friends moving into the Haze area with them who are just exploding with excitement to meet you. On top of that, the Trash Heap, the Sandbox, and the Black Anthill have new tenants who are all moved in and ready for the backyard block party.

New Features

This update brings a range of new features to help you survive in Grounded. The Yoked Girth Milk Molar system that allows for individual and partywide bonuses.

A Smithing Station that will let you upgrade your weapons and tools. There is a newly added Brain Power system to help you with Raw Science management.


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