Grounded is on Sale until 21st April on Xbox!

Yes, Xbox have just announced that Grounded is on sale until 21st April! 25 percent off! Weโ€™ve seen many fans eager to get there hands on Grounded, so here is your chance! You can now treat yourself or a friend to the discounted version of Grounded on Xbox.

Grounded is on sale!

Grounded is on Sale until 21st April on Xbox!

With the Xbox Spring Sale, you can now get Grounded for 25% off its original price. $39.99 to $29.99! If you still are not keen to spend the money even with the discounted price. Take a look into the Xbox game pass which is a great price and if youโ€™re a first time user it should only cost you $1 for the first month. Grounded is included in the Xbox game pass and you can play with your Steam friends too. Grounded is on Sale!

Grounded is on Sale until 21st April on Xbox!

The team at Obsidian recently have been dropping constant new updates such as update Grounded Patch 1.2 which includes custom game loadouts, Handy Gnat who allows you to blueprint a base before building and much more good features!

Head over to Xbox to get your discounted copy of Grounded here:

We hope you enjoy Patch 1.2! Before you leave, why not take a look at some of our in depth Grounded Guides such as theย Black and Labย or theย Undershed Lab Guide.


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