Grounded Patch 1.2.1

Grounded Patch 1.2.1

Patch 1.2.1 is here! As everyone knows, Patch 1.2 was just dropped for Grounded! With so much more content for the players, which is awesome! But there have been some minor bugs that needed fixing. Fortunately, Obsidian Entertainment acted fast and got Patch 1.2.1 out for us! Please see below the latest patch notes.

Grounded Patch 1.2.1 BUG FIXES / CHANGES

Grounded Patch 1.2.1


  • Shared Worlds that have multiple saves for a single playthrough will allow you to load each one individually and not load the oldest one by default.


  • Fixed crash related to building and relocating structural buildings.


  • Clients are able to unlock Hauling Hero even if it was unlocked by other players prior to them being in the game.
  • Wasp Drones in the Wasp Queen Boss fight no longer cause negative Wasp faction reputation to build when killed.
  • Updated the building shape of the chimney-to-roof intersection pieces.
    • The previous shape prevented corner roof pieces from attaching correctly if the chimney was placed flush with the walls.

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