Grounded Patch 1.2.2

Grounded Patch 1.2.2 Is Here

Its here! On May 3rd 2023, Grounded just released Patch 1.2.2. They have only just recently dropped Patch 1.2, which added loads of content, such as a whole new boss fight and zone! Obsidian Entertainment have been incredible by giving us so much more content!

Grounded Patch 1.2.2 Is Here!

Grounded Patch 1.2.2 Contents

Here below is all the latest information of the latest Patch 1.2.2! It contains so much from another NEW boss! New buildings and lots of new balance changes!


In celebration, we have a special surprise for you all to help recognize our favorite Spider mom of the yard.


Additional armor recipes have been added for you to craft to complete the Hedge Broodmother armor set:

  • Chest of the Mother Demon
  • Greaves of the Mother Demon


The Mom Genes mutation will now also increase all poison damage you deal by a large amount, on top of allowing you to summon spiderlings to fight alongside you.


During the month of May, a new May Sign Set will be purchasable at the Science Shop related to Spring and the allergies that come with it.


That’s right, in Patch 1.2.2 the Hedge Broodmother isn’t the only mom in town! We will be celebrating the arrival of the Moldy Matriarch this Broodmother’s day month as well!

  • The Infected Broodmother lays hidden, deep in the bowels of the Haze, waiting for a poor soul to set her free.
  • This new epic boss is a permanent addition to the game (not just for the Month of May) and will test your backyard skills to the limit.


  • Full equipment set related to the Infected Broodmother
  • 1 new weapon to craft
  • 1 new trinket to obtain


  • 1 New Achievement for killing the Infected Broodmother


  • Infected Broodmother Throne
  • Infected Broodmother Brazier
  • Stuffed Infected Broodmother
  • Infected Broodmother Wall Mount

With that, we wish you good luck, and don’t forget to tell your favorite yard mom “Happy Broodmother’s Day!”

Patch 1.2.2 Bug Fixes / Changes


  • Fewer Wasps spawn in base attacks.
  • Wasps are no longer immune to poison.
  • Wasp Drone heal amount reduced.
  • Most poisons applied by the player to creatures now have double the duration.
  • Increasing damage per tick of all poison effects.
  • Broodmother set poison, venom, and poison nova effects no longer get applied to the player or your party members.
  • Increasing the bonus poison damage gained from Spider and Widow armor sets.
  • Increased the damage and stun damage of the unarmed bonus attack from Lil Fist.
  • Increased the damage of the bonus attack from the power droplet.
  • Lil Fist Mastery bonus now guarantees a second hit with every punch.
  • Wasps summoned with the Apex Predator effect of the Bard’s Bow now also apply bleed with their attack.
  • Updated the building shape of the chimney-to-roof intersection pieces.
    • The previous shape prevented corner roof pieces from attaching correctly if the chimney was placed flush with the walls.
    • Added in Chimney’d Pinecone Roof which was missing from the original 1.2 update.


  • Fixed a memory leak in physics code that should reduce out of memory crashes that happen after playing for some time.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when using the “Copy” action on a building.


  • Steal effect no longer applied to friendly targets.
  • Player summons can no longer trigger effects from the player when attacked by the player.
  • Clients can now achieve the “Chillax” achievement if the host had already achieved it without them being there.
  • Wasp Queen boss music properly loops.
  • Fixed a few dialogues in the game that were not triggering (late game lab, Moldorc Castle button).
  • The post-game report card can now be closed when using a controller.
  • Sour weapons can no longer damage some lab machines.
  • Equipment in chests can now be correctly repaired using materials in nearby chests.
  • The player will no longer be briefly stuck in front of the Super Duper after inserting a disk.
  • Bard’s Bow will now have an on-screen marker when dropped on the ground.
  • Respawning from the Petal Bed properly spawns the player next to the bed.
  • Bee Bee Q recipe in the Oven interface no longer extends past the edge of the screen.
  • Chat messages no longer are read aloud if both players have “Chat Text to Speech” disabled.

We hope you liked our “Grounded Patch 1.2.2 post. Please also check out our latest Grounded – Interactive Map.


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