How to get the Dissection Expert Mutation in Grounded

Our team has decided to put a post out on how to get the Dissection Expert Mutation in Grounded due to the fact that it is an extremely useful end game. This Mutation helps massively when trying to get certain items such as trinkets or rare materials, as it increases the drop-chance of loot from creatures by 10%.

First, you will need to unlock the Brawly Boy Bin area that was released in Patch 1.2. You can check our guide out here on how to do this.

How to get the Dissection Expert Mutation in Grounded

How to get the Dissection Expert Mutation in Grounded

When inside the entrance, follow it around. You will get to a point where you can choose two pathways. Follow the right path which shows the metal nail sticking out of the box.

Either run past or fight the enemies and go up the leaning book, then onto the pencil until you reach the tip. If you look left you will see some Raw Science, go there and use a Tier 3 Busting tool on the Large Disassembled TAYZ.T Arm. You can now give yourself a shortcut.

Continue the pathway and you will see a Worm Holes Rocket. Climb above this and fight off the wasps. You will come across a new Field Station which also contains the file β€œDo Not Open The Brawly Boy Bin!”

Now kill all the wasps that are around this area and can look over the edge. You will notice a blue wiffle ball that is half way between the ground and where you are.

Jump down and use your dandelion tuff to safely land. Inside you will see the Forgotten BURG.L Chip. Pick this up and head towards the Oak Tree Lab and speak to BURG.L.

Hand in the Auxiliary Chip and you will receive 5000 raw science. Head towards the BURG.L Shop and you are able to purchase the Dissection Expert Mutation and purchase 2 food recipes, which are Wasperole and Empanadust.

Now, when you are ready to fight a tough enemy such as the Black Widow Spider or a boss such as the Wasp Queen. Remember to equip the Dissection Expert Mutation. This will increase the drop-chance of loot from Creatures by 10%. Which is a massive increase!

We hope you liked our β€œHow to get the Dissection Expert Mutation in Grounded” guide. Please also check out our latest Grounded β€“ Interactive Map.


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