How to get the Sticky Fingers Trinket in Grounded

The Sticky Fingers Trinket is a must to get in Grounded, so we have put together a short guide on how to get this. In Patch 1.2, Obsidian Entertainment added so much content, which has been amazing. This includes a new weapon, a new boss fight, new zone and, of course, new trinkets! 

Sticky Fingers is a very good trinket to wear as it has a chance to steal a regular Bug Part when hitting a Bug.

How to get the Sticky Fingers Trinket

To get the Sticky Fingers Trinket, you will need to obtain a few items first. You MUST get a Tier 3 bow/crossbow such as the Black Ox Crossbow and Tier 3 Bomb Arrows.

Tier 3 Bomb Arrows are found later on in the backyard. To obtain them, finding and unlocking the Sticky Chest is required.

Once you have crafted these items, you will need to head towards the Tool Box. You can see the picture below. It is located next to the big tire.

Jump onto the Screw Driver and follow it along. Remember to watch out for the new wasps that have been added. Climb into the Tool Box and you will find a big clump of gum.

Stand back and shoot a Bomb Arrow at this and it will explode open. You will notice 2 pieces of gum and also the Sticky Fingers Trinket.

Grab these and you can now equip it. the Sticky Fingers Trinket is extremely good in many circumstances, such as trying to farm an item such as the new Speed Droplet Trinket.

We hope you liked our guide β€œHow to get the Sticky Fingers Trinket in Groundedβ€œ. We also have an Interactive Map. If you wish to check it out!


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