How To Get The Tier 2 Insect Axe in Grounded

In Grounded the Insect Axe is an upgraded version of the Pebblet Axe. As you progress through the game you will see that you will need a Tier 2 axe to chop certain resources down. This is where the Insect Axe comes in. You can use the axe to harvest Apples, Billy Hogs, Crow Feathers, Haze Fungus, Husky Weeds, Mushroom, Toadstools, large rotten foods and you can even use it to temporarily destroy the strange spores.

This is a 1-handed tool.

With the new items you have harvested with the Insect Axe, you will now have access to craft more weapons, armor and foods!

insect axe

This axe will become an essential part of your armory on Grounded. In this guide we are going to show you how you can obtain your Tier 2 Insect Axe.

How to get the Insect Axe

Before you craft your axe you will need to do some research. This unfortunately involves killing a lovely Ladybug and analysing its head in the resource analyser. To Craft the axe you will need x1 Ladybug Head, x3 bombardier parts and x4 strands of silk rope. The Insect Axe is crafted using a work bench.

  • Ladybug Head: Ladybugs can be found throughout the yard. Often you’ll find one wandering around the yard in random locations. They can be spotted in the north and west areas. Once you kill a ladybug, they should drop a head. Ladybugs are difficult opponents. Defeating them is very tough – as they can deal a lot of damage. Practice perfect blocking and try whittling them down with a bow and arrows before going in for the kill. These are also valuable when trying to craft Ladybug Armor.
  • Bombardier Parts: These parts drop from the bug called Bombardier. A good quick way to get bombardier parts early on is to scout around the Haze. You will often find dead Bombardiers ready to the taking. If you cannot find any near the Haze, check out the entrance to the Hedge and the Grasslands.
  • Silk Rope: This is a resource that is created in the spinning wheel. You will first need to get out into the backyard and get close to the spiders. You will need to harvest web fiber. You place the web fiber into the spinner wheel which outputs Silk Rope.

Although the Insect Axe is primarily a chopping tool, it can also double as a weapon with a decent amount of damage


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