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Mantis Trinket Grounded

There are many weird and wonderful Trinkets to be found in the Backyard. As such, one of the trinkets you will be able to find and access later on is the Mantis Trinket grounded. As a result the Mantis Trinket in Grounded can only be found by a rare drop from the Orchid Mantis Boss!

Mantis Trinket Grounded boss arena entrance


First, make sure you are prepared, gear such as the Ladybug Armor is recommended for additional healing. For weapons something like the Salt Morning Star is ideal. This is due to the fact the Mantis has resistance to all melee types but is also weak to Salty – the Morning Star however has no physical attribute! Once you are prepared, head to the Shed and climb up to find a plant pot with a hose pipe. There you can find the entrance to the Mantis boss room. Something to note, you will require Orchid Mantis Kebabs to repeatedly summon the boss and defeat it to have a chance at dropping the Mantis Trinket in Grounded!

Mantis Trinket Grounded

Mantis Trinket Grounded image 2

Second, this is not an easy fight until you have defeated the Mantis a few times to understand the fight. Additional information to assist you in defeating the Mantis can be found here. From here on out, just make sure you have enough healing items and begin your grind to obtain the Mantis Trinket in Grounded!

Mantis Trinket

Finally, after a hopefully not too tedious grind – you will obtain your very own Mantis Trinket in Grounded! The Mantis Trinket has an interesting effect that provides additional stamina and stamina regeneration on critical hits!


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