Minotaur Maze Key Location

What is the Minotaur Maze?

In this article we talk you through where is the Minotaur Maze Key Location. The Grounded Minotaur Maze is a castle like maze found on top of the picnic table. Once you have found your way around the simple Maze you will find a gold chest with one very important BURG.L chip inside. However its not simple to find they key, or your way up on to the Picnic table. Read on to find out how to get Minotaur Maze Key Location!

Do I need any equipment to find the Minotaur Maze Key?

100% Yes! you will need the Bone dagger (a level 2 underwater weapon) to get to the Minotaur Maze Key! It must be this specific weapon, no other.

Where do I find the Key?

Picnic Table

Now its time to reveal Grounded Minotaur Maze Key Location! Head to the sandbox and go a little further north, you should see a pipe laying horizontally in the water half in half out. Thatโ€™s where we need to go. Head into the water and into the side of the pipe turn right as you go in and jump in the next crack. swim back on yourself. There will be some roots in the way, you will need the Bone dagger to cut your way through, and there is is the key right in front of you. This is the Minotaur Maze Key Location.

Minotaur Key Location

I have it! Now What?

Now its time to get to the Picnic Table and the gold chest inside the Minotaur Maze.
Head back away from the pipe and where you have just collected the key and you will see a spade standing upright.

Scroll down to see how!

You will need to use an explosive to break the rock which it is resting on. Once this is done the spade will fall and create you the perfect ramp. Run up the handle of the spade, drop off near the banana peal without causing yourself damage and run past the big yellow lunch box. Go around the back of the lunch box and there is some plastic cutlery resting on the trestle which you can run down and across. Run to the stack of books, and move to the top but watch out for the bees!!

You will see a red button on the side of a big handle at the top of the pile of books, whack this with your hammer until the handle falls down creating another bridge for you. Now go over the bridge and head towards the house in the distance, until you come across the minotaur maze!

The Maze is simple. Turn left and then through the first door you find on your RIGHT follow this straight until you are in a small courtyard area.

Minotaur Maze Key Location

In the courtyard look to your left for a glow and voila!

Whatโ€™s my reward?!

Once you open the chest you will be prettily rewarded inside you will find
A BURG. L Chip containing the secret recipe of Mint Mace. One of the best weapons in Grounded, so donโ€™t forget to get the chip back to BURG.L pronto!
RPG Module SCA.B
A Milk Molar

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