Honing the art of the blade, your keen mind knows exactly where to slices enemies to reduce their effectiveness. Sword attacks lower the damage enemies deal. Mastery Bonus: Attacking creatures with a sword temporarily removes your exhaustion timer.


Sword attacks lower the damage of the targets attacks (10%/20%/30%). Phase 3: Sword attacks give a buff that reduces the exhaustion time by 90%. This only activates when using Larva Blade, Mosquito Needle, Black Ant Sword, Antlion Greatsword, Tiger Mosquito Rapier, Tick Macuahuitl, Toenail Scimitar, or Spicy Coaltana.

Obtained From

Phase 1: Kill 40 Creatures with a Sword. Phase 2: Kill 100 Creatures with a Sword. Phase 3: Kill 200 Creatures with a Sword. (Killing Harmless Creatures does not count)


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