Range is your greatest ally as you reach or throw from afar. Spears deal additional damage when thrown, and you’re able to counter poke enemy attacks to reflect a portion of damage back. Mastery Bonus: Charge attacks with spears deal additional damage.


Spear attacks give a buff that reflects 50%/75%/100% of the damage delt to the player back at the attacker. Increases spear throwing damage. (10%/20%/30%) Phase 3: Spear charge attacks deal 30% more damage. This only activates when using a Pebblet Spear, Stinger Spear, Bone Trident, or Rusty Spear.

Obtained From

Phase 1: Kill 40 Creatures with a Spear. Phase 2: Kill 100 Creatures with a Spear. Phase 3: Kill 200 Creatures with a Spear. (Killing Harmless Creatures does not count)


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