Lil Fist

Your tiny limbs flail and crash upon foe after foe. With every little swing these bitty bones of yours harden and muscles tighten, increasing the damage of further blows. Mastery Bonus: You’re able to hit twice in a single punch.


Gives a 1%/1.5%/2% damage buff to unarmed attacks while attacking with fists that stack an unlimited amount of times until combat ends. Phase 3: Every punch landed has a 75% chance to deal a 2nd hit that deals half the damage of the first one. This only activates when using your fists.

Obtained From

Phase 1: Kill 40 Creatures with fists. Phase 2: Kill 100 Creatures with fists. Phase 3: Kill 200 Creatures with fists. (Killing Harmless Creatures does not count)


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