Whittle Wizard

Mastering sufficiently advanced culinary technology, the apparent magic within candy staves is unlocked. Different damage types apply unique status effects to creatures. Spiciness burns, mintiness slows, and sourness stuns. Mastery Bonus: Attacking with a staff reduces the stamina cost of additional staff attacks.


Mint Staff attacks reduce the movement speed of targets by 10%/20%/30% for 5 seconds. Sour Staff attacks deal 2/4/6 extra stun. Spicy Staff burns targets for 25/50/75 damage every 5 seconds. Phase 3: Staff attacks apply a buff that reduces the stamina cost of staffs by 50%. This only activates when using a Mint Staff, Spicy Staff, or Sour Staff.

Obtained From

Phase 1: Kill 40 Creature with a Candy Stave. Phase 2: Kill 100 Creatures with a Candy Stave. Phase 3: Kill 200 Creatures with a Candy Stave. (Killing Harmless Creatures does not count)


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