Red Ant Armor

Red Ant Armor is a light armor tier 1 set which is extremely good for when you want to either explore the Red ant tunnel or gather large items such as grass planks or stems. For each piece of gear you have equipped, this allows you to carry 1 more plank or stem, this can be a total of 8 items at one time. Another good perk for obtaining the full set is the HumAnt, which allows the Red Ants to think you are one of them, so you can explore inside the red ant tunnel peacefully.

Benefits of Red Ant Armor

  • +Hauling Strength – Haul more items
  • Light Armor – Slight stamina increase required to swing weapons
  • HumAnt – Red ants see you as one of them

Sleek Effect

  • +Grass Harvest Speed – Increases harvesting speed of grass by 25%.

To gain access to the sleek effect, you will need to upgrade your armor past level 5 to see this hidden benefit.

Red Ant Helmet1 x Red Ant Head
3 x  Red Ant Part
5 x Mite Fuzz
Defense: 1.5/10
Resistance: +2.5%
+Hauling Stength
Light Armor
Red Ant Arm Guards5 x Red Ant Part
2 x Acid Gland
2 x Mite Fuzz
Defense: 3.5/10
Resistance: +5%
+Hauling Strength
Light Armor
Red Ant Knee Guards6 x Red Ant Part
2 x Crude Rope
4 x Mite Fuzz
Defense: 1.5/10
Resistance: +2.5%
+Hauling Strength
Light Armor
Gear Set Bonus: HumAntRed ants see you as one of them
Red Ant Armor

The Red Ant Armor is one of the earlier T1 armor sets you are going to come across in Grounded. You get a great set Bonus and also are able to Haul more items, a great first set if you’re looking to build your first base around the baseball.


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