Sap Catcher – How to use it

Sap is used to craft many items in Grounded so having a bunch on Hand is essential as you progress in the game. Using the Sap Catcher is a great way to always have Sap on hand. Some of the items you use Sap in are Bandages, Torch, Plant Lamp, Acorn Leg Plates, Storage Chest, Workbench, Spinning Wheel, Splatburst and more.

Sap Cluster


Sap is commonly found along thin branches found within the backyard. There are small single pieces of Sap found on the side of the thin branches. You will also find clusters of hardened sap on the side and under large roots around the oak tree. The way you can break these sap clusters with a hammer. Be careful though as there are often spiders, ants and other creatures around them.

Here are a few locations you will find Sap:

The Sap Catcher

Crafting the Sap Catcher is quite easy, but the big question is β€œWhere Can I place the Sap Catcher?”. The only place you can construct the Catcher is connected to the Oak Tree, or its roots.

You are going to need, x1 Acorn Top, x2 Weed Stem and x4 Crude Rope to construct the sap catcher.

Sap Catcher Building

Once you have the materials in your inventory and the Weed Stems on your back, construct the Catcher. Once complete you will need to wait a few minutes for the Sap to start collecting. Check back soon and you can pick up your Sap! We recommend having 2-3 Sap Catchers.

Sap Catcher

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