Where to find the Health and Safety Badge in Grounded

Where to find the Health and Safety Badge in Grounded

If you are wondering where to find the Health and Safety Badge in Grounded, we have you covered with this guide we have put together below. Since Grounded has brought in Patch 1.2, lots of changes have happened, with a new area and new boss fight and of course more badges!

Where to find the Health and Safety Badge in Grounded

Where to find the Health and Safety Badge

First off, you will need to gain access to the Brawny Boy Bin in order to find the Health and Safety Badge. You will need to go to all 3 locations below and shoot or hit the Wasp nests and knock them down. 

I would suggest a Tier 3 Black Ox Crossbow with Splinter Arrows. That is so you can shoot the wasp hives and not get too much threat.

Wasp Nest Locations

Wasp Nest Location 1

This is located south of the Tree Stump, it is on the edge of a broken tree branch.

Wasp Nest Location 2

This is located on the corner of the Toolbox, near the Lawnmower.

Wasp Nest Location 3

This is located under the JavaMatic.

Once you have shot all the wasp nests down, you will want to go back to your base and sleep. This will activate a cutscene, which shows you where to go.

As seen in the screenshot below, this is the entrance to the Brawny Boy Bin.

Inside the Brawny Boy Bin

When inside the entrance, follow it around. You will get to a point where you can choose two pathways. Follow the right path which shows the metal nail sticking out of the box.

Either run past or fight the enemies and go up the leaning book, then onto the pencil until you reach the tip. If you look left you will see some Raw Science, go there and use a Tier 3 Busting tool on the Large Disassembled TAYZ.T Arm. You can now give yourself a shortcut.

Continue the pathway and you will see a Worm Holes Rocket. Climb above this and fight off the wasps. You will come across a new Field Station which contains the file โ€œDo Not Open The Brawly Boy Bin!โ€ Carry on and you will notice a wasp nest entrance, jump over to the Raw science.

This is where the boss fight takes place. Do not worry just yet as nothing will happen. Head further up and see an area which has placements for an item and a skeleton on the floor.

Search the skeletonโ€™s remains and youโ€™ll find the Health and Safety Badge. This badge is good to use when youโ€™re about to go into combat, as it lets you gain health when attacking enemies with the Life Steal. Sadly, if you have this on while not in combat, it will slowly drain your health, thanks to the Fresh Wound perk.

We hope you liked our โ€œWhere to find the Health and Safety Badge in Groundedโ€ guide. Please also check out our latest Grounded โ€“ Interactive Map.


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