Where to find the Sticky Key in Grounded

Grounded players are asking where to find the Sticky Key in Grounded. We have put together a guide on how to find the key and where to use it.

In order to get the Sticky Key, you will need to have a Tier 2 Shovel to break a piece of chewing gum.

Where to find the Sticky Key

Once you have got the Tier 2 Shovel, you will need to head to the North East part of the map. As seen in the image below. You can look on our interactive map and find the Tree Stump and Ladders.

Once you get to this area, if you look at the ladders, you can see a vine with some leaves that you are able to jump on to get to the Sticky Key. Sadly, you can not climb up, straight from the bottom of the vines.

To be able to get access to the Sticky Key, head towards the lawnmower and this is where you want to start your journey to get the key.

Where to find the Sticky Key in Grounded

Climb up on the Lawnmower and head up the handlebars, then drop off to the ladders. Here you can go all the way along and jump on to the vines and slowly make your way up.

Where to find the Sticky Key in Grounded

After you climb to the very top of the vines, you will come across a piece of chewing gum and 2 Ice Cap Mints. Use the Tier 2 Shovel and open up the piece of gum to reveal the Sticky Key.

Now that you have the key, you will have to head towards the tyre that is west from the lawnmower. Climb on top of this and look through the rim, you will see lots of Water Fleas.

Take it slowly and kill these and then drop into the water. You will see the Sticky Key Chest in the water.Β 

Use the key and you will discover 2 Milk Molars and 1 Water Logged recipe. This contains the schematic for the Bomb Arrows.

We hope you liked our guide β€œWhere to find the Sticky Key in Groundedβ€œ. We also have an Interactive map here.


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