Where to find the Wittle Widowling in Grounded

Since so much more content has been added in Patch 1.2, many people are questioning where to find the Wittle Widowling in Grounded. We have put together a guide below on how to do this.

Where to find the Wittle Widowling in Grounded

Where to find the Wittle Widowling

First off, you will need to gain access to the Brawny Boy Bin, you will need to go to all 3 locations below and shoot or hit the Wasp nests and knock them down. 

I would suggest a Tier 3 Black Ox Crossbow with Splinter Arrows. That is so you can shoot the wasp hives and not get too much threat.

Wasp Nest Locations

Wasp Nest Location 1

This is located south of the Tree Stump, it is on the edge of a broken tree branch.

Wasp Nest Location 2

This is located on the corner of the Toolbox, near the Lawnmower.

Wasp Nest Location 3

This is located under the JavaMatic.

Once you have shot all the wasp nests down, you will want to go back to your base and sleep. This will activate a cutscene, which shows you where to go.

As seen in the screenshot below, this is the entrance to the Brawny Boy Bin.

When inside the entrance, follow it around. You will get to a point where you can choose two pathways. Follow the left path, you will see an entrance just past the metal nail which is sticking out of the box.

You will come across a dark, gloomy tunnel. Be careful before you enter. There is a Black Widow Spider and spiderlings that you will need to kill.

When you’ve killed the Black Widow Spider, you will see a spider sac. Smash that open with a Tier 2 Chopping Axe. A few spiderlings will jump out and you will see 2 x Black Ox Horns and 1 Wittle Widowling charm.

The Wittle Widowling charm gives the player the ability to spawn a Black Widow Spiderling. It does stack with the mutation “Mom Genes”, which spawns a different spiderling, so you can essentially have 2 Spiderlings fighting by your side.

We hope you liked our “Where to find the Wittle Widowling in Grounded” guide. Please also check out our latest GroundedInteractive Map.


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