A Scary Story Of The Kastleton

In the town of Kastleton, a chilling story has been circulating about the eerie occurrences at the local inn. From a scared hunter’s encounter to mysterious weeping sounds reported by guests, the Kastleton Inn has become shrouded in a ghostly enigma. Let’s delve into the spine-chilling narrative step by step.


Talk to the Scared Hunter

Venture to the southern campsite to meet a terrified hunter. He recounts a recent stay at the Kastleton Inn, where an unsettling experience unfolded. Convinced he saw a ghost while sleeping, the hunter’s vivid recollection sends shivers down your spine. Explore the chilling encounter yourself if you dare.

talk to the hunter

Speak to the Inn Owner at Kastleton Inn

Upon sharing the hunter’s tale with the inn owner. Guests have been complaining about mysterious weeping sounds in their rooms. The inn owner tasks you with investigating the haunted room and discovering the truth behind these eerie occurrences.

talk to the owner

Talk to the Inn Staff on the 2nd Floor

Engage with the inn staff on the 2nd floor to uncover the legend surrounding Room 202. Despite the staff’s skepticism, details emerge about the room’s unusual coldness. Learn about the recent guests in Room 202 and the peculiar behavior of a drunkard on the premises.

talk to the inn staff

Encounter the Drunkard

Approach the drunkard near the stairs and attempt to understand his statement. He denies spilling anything in Room 202.

kastleton inn drunkard

Enter Room 202

As you enter Room 202, a bloodstain on the table catches your attention. A spectral hand touches you.

blood on the table

Unraveling a ghostly tale of a frightened family conversing with an Arkeum soldier.

family in arkeum

Another bloodstain near the door hints at a tragic end, likely at the hands of the Arkeum soldiers.

killed in front door.

Exiting the room, you witness the inn’s owner acknowledging not just one but many ghosts. Something terrible has transpired, prompting the owner to make a proposition for you to stay in Room 202 until the rumors die down, with no charges incurred. However, a request for an alternative room is granted.

talk to the inn owner

The Kastleton Inn’s ghostly tale, from the scared hunter’s encounter to the mysterious events in Room 202, unravels a haunting narrative. As you navigate through the chilling details, the inn’s owner’s proposition adds an air of secrecy to the already enigmatic atmosphere. The mystery of the Kastleton Inn continues to send shivers down the spines of those who dare to explore its ghostly corridors.


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