Clash Headbutt Contest: Fight Between Human and Headcrusher

Embark on a journey with Musk at the Nesting Grounds as he unveils his ambitious plan the Clash Headbutt Contest. Musk’s dream hangs in the balance, and only you can help him make it a reality. Join us as we explore the intricacies of this thrilling contest, from capturing the Headcrusher terror bird to the heart-pounding showdown at the Kastleton Arena.

Clash Headbutt

Embark on a conversation with Musk at the Nesting Grounds, where he reveals the urgency of his request. Discover the importance of the Headcrusher terror bird and the vital role it plays in Musk’s grand event.

talk to musk

Uncover the challenges Musk faces in organizing the event of a lifetime. Delve into the details of the preparations and understand how the absence of the Headcrusher terror bird could jeopardize Musk’s hard work. Feel Musk’s desperation as he turns to you for assistance in making the Clash Headbutt Contest a reality.

musk will teach you

Capturing the Headcrusher Terror Bird

Learn the intricacies of using sleep herbs strategically to capture the Headcrusher terror bird. Engage in a fierce battle with the formidable creature, ensuring it reaches a below 50% of its health and activating the sleeping herb near you to capture the bird. Follow Musk’s plan to lure the bird to the sleep herb, making it easier to capture and transport to the Kastleton Arena.

Checking the Old Pamphlet

Step into the grandeur of the Kastleton Arena, the epicenter of the Clash Headbutt Contest. upon going into the arena you will see a Old Pamphlet it is a flyer for the old headbutt contest as this will be the main event.

Old pamphlet

Clash Headbutt event

Experience the anticipation as you arrive just in time for the event to commence. Witness the excitement building up, setting the stage for the ultimate clash between human and terror bird.

the event

Unveiling the Winner

Discover the outcome of the fierce battle and find out who emerges victorious in the Clash Headbutt Contest. Delve into the aftermath and witness the celebration of the winner. Musk’s dream has come to fruition, thanks to your role in making the event a resounding success.


The Clash Headbutt Contest transcends traditional events, offering a unique blend of adrenaline and excitement. From Musk’s initial plea for help to the electrifying showdown at the Kastleton Arena, this experience is one for the books. Your role in capturing the Headcrusher terror bird and ensuring the success of the contest is paramount. As the curtain falls on this epic event, relish in the victory and the memories forged in the Clash Headbutt Contest.


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