Defeating Morokai Boss in the Throne and Liberty Guild Raid

Hello, adventurer! Band together with your comrades, strategize your moves, and coordinate your attacks in defeating the Morokai Boss in Throne and Liberty! Utilize your collective strengths, skills, and resources within the game to overcome this challenging quest. As you conquer the Morokai Boss alongside your guild in Throne and Liberty, you’ll not only ascend to the apex of the game but also forge unbreakable bonds with your fellow adventurers, creating unforgettable memories along the way. Find out how to defeat the Morokai Boss with your guild in Throne and Liberty through this guide.

You can watch the video below demonstrating a Guild defeating Morokai Boss in a Guild Raid.

Guild Raids

First things first, ensure that you have joined a Guild. You can join a Guild once you reach Level 3. A Guild Raid can be initiated by the Guild Officers interacting with the Guild Raid entrance within the Guild Hall, which will open the Guild Raid Screen, allowing them to choose which Guild Raid to embark upon. Click the “Enter Raid” button to teleport to the Raid area. Up to 6 people in a guild can participate.

Guild Raid


Morokai is a Normal Boss, an Orc who betrayed his clan—a cruel and undead monster who carries his heart atop a magic staff. He has captured many people in Carmine Forest and fed them to the spiders.


Finding Morokai Boss

Morokai is located within the Carmine Forest but to get there, you must in the Guild Base, you will be directly teleported from the Guild Base by joining a Guild Raid to defeat Morokai.

Defeating Morokai Boss

Here are some things that you should know when entering a Guild Raid to defeat Morokai.

Boss Skills and Phases

  1. Phase 1 – Initially, Morokai’s regular attacks involve targeting a single player with his staff. Additionally, he releases an electric, thunderous attack that impacts a specific number of players, typically those positioned at a distance from him. You need to make sure you do not overlap with other players. Finally, he summons an electric orb to assail the players.
  2. Phase 2 – When Morokai’s health decreases to 50%, he will attack all players with a magic spell. You must hide behind one of the Four Pillars to avoid his attack. Following this phase, attacks from Stage 1 will continue in a repeating pattern.
  3. Phase 3 – Upon reaching 30% health, Morokai begins launching more potent and expansive thunderous attacks that now affect the majority of players in his vicinity. Then, the same attacks will simply repeat.

With these in mind, here are some tips that I can share with you!

  • Ensure that there is a Healer among your guild members who has the capability to heal members and remove buffs from enemies as well as debuffs from party members, ideally two!
  • Dodge the stun attacks by positioning yourself behind the pillars.
  • Continue attacking continuously even if you will be hit by the thunder-like attack since it will follow you anyway.

Dying During a Guild Raid

When you die during a Guild Raid, you can use One (1) Star Return to revive yourself. You can continue to resurrect each time you die in the battle as long as you still have Star Returns. The count of Star Returns will reset after each Guild Raid.

Guild and Individual Rewards

Once the Morokai Boss has been defeated, rewards will be dropped based on chances. The obtained rewards will then be distributed according to the rules outlined in Guild Distribution among the participating members. Moreover, personal rewards will also be obtained by each guild member. The guild will also gain guild EXP. These rewards can be collected on the Guild Screen under the Rewards Tab.

Guild Rewards

That concludes the guide on defeating Morokai Boss in Throne and Liberty through a Guild Raid! Additionally, explore the Open World PvP Boss Guide to understand Open World PvP mechanics and strategies for defeating Morokai Boss in that setting. 

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