Examine the Contamination of the Ruins

The Ruins of Turayne hold a dark secret – a contamination stemming from the malevolent acts of a shadowmancer. Join cantamination investigator Kaleum from the esteemed Lightbringer Society on a quest to survey and eradicate the lingering effects of this magical catastrophe. Your assistance is crucial in making Kaleum’s task more manageable as you delve into the heart of the ruins and confront various challenges.


Your journey begins at Watcher’s Post Watchmen’s Tower, where you’ll meet Kaleum. This dedicated investigator is on a mission to examine the contamination that plagues the Ruins of Turayne. Learn about the history of the contamination and the periodic surveys required due to the havoc wreaked by a shadowmancer.

speak to kaleum

Signal Magic Activation

Kaleum will cast a simple signal magic on you, connecting you to the contaminant analyzer. Head to the highest point near the crater, focus your mind, and await the magical signal. Quick reflexes are essential; shoot the signal before it disappears. If you miss it, return to Kaleum for a fresh start.

signal magic

Confronting the Undead

After activating the signal, confront the undead menace in the Ruins of Turayne. Take down 15 zombies to collect contaminants, contributing to the purification of the area.

defeat the zombies

Southern Crater

Proceed to the southern crater and activate the contamination measuring device after eliminating the zombies. This step marks progress in unraveling the contamination mystery.

contamination device

The Ruins of Turayne hold another challenge the skeleton soldiers of the Sylavean Order. Defeat 15 of them and collect contaminants to further aid in the investigation.

defeat skeleton

Activation of Contamination Measuring Device

Having conquered the skeleton soldiers, head to the northern crater. Activate the contamination investigation device, signaling the completion of the quest. The Ruins of Turayne are one step closer to purification.

activating devices

Embark on this thrilling quest with Kaleum to examine the contamination of the Ruins of Turayne. Confront challenges, defeat magical threats, and contribute to the purification of this once-beleaguered land. Your assistance is not only pivotal but marks a crucial step towards restoring the Ruins to their former glory.


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