Throne And Liberty February 21st Attendance Guide

The February 21st Attendance Guide covers​ all the rewards players can expect to obtain through daily logins from February 21st till March 13th.

Throne And Liberty February 21st Attendance Guide

February 21st Attendance Guide

Log in every day and get rewards from the attendance list with Herpy!​

■ Attendance schedule– Attendance period: After the regular inspection on February 21, 2024 (Wednesday) ~ until the regular inspection on March 13, 2024 (Wednesday)- Period during which compensation can be received: After the regular maintenance on February 21, 2024 (Wednesday) ~ Before the regular maintenance on March 20, 2024 (Wednesday)

※ Attendance is reset at 6 o’clock KST every day.​

■ Attendance book reward

primaryreward itemquantity
Day 1world tree leaves500
Day 2Arcanum of Excellent Recovery5
Day 3Stella Boom2,000
Day 4100 boxes of recovery coins2
Day 5Queen Blendy’s Poison Neutralizer20
Day 6Arcanum of Excellent Recovery5
Day 7rare blessing bag1
Day 8Rare Flame of Extraction10
Day 9Stella Boom2,000
Day 10Rare Food Selection Box5
Day 11Rare Attack Flask5
Day 12Arcanum of Excellent Recovery5
Day 13Rare Flame of Extraction10
Day 14Flame of Precious Extraction10
Day 15Arcanum of Excellent Recovery5
Day 16Flame of Precious Extraction10
Day 17Rare Food Selection Box5
Day 18Rare Defense Flask5
Day 19Box of 100 Recovery Coins2
Day 20Arcanum of Excellent Recovery5
Day 21rare blessing bag2

※ caution– All items provided as an event are provided in a non-tradable form.
– Some of the event schedule and rewards may change depending on internal circumstances.
– This event follows the [THRONE AND LIBERTY Event Rules] .

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