The First 60 Minutes Of Gameplay In Throne And Liberty Is AMAZING!

The First 60 minutes of gameplay in Throne and Liberty is amazing! Here’s your first look at the first hour of Throne and Liberty. A game made by the South Korean game studio, NCsoft. The game is released in Korea but so far, the game is racking up fans all over the world with its graphics, story, and overall features!

first 60 minutes of gameplay in throne and liberty snapshot

First 60 Minutes Of Gameplay In Throne And Liberty

First 5 Minutes Of The Game: The Beginning

As you begin your story in Throne and Liberty, you’re immediately greeted with the amazing score of the game playing history in your ears. War, triumph, and legends, the tunes are singing to you! As you pass the basic setup of the game, you are then shown the epic elements of the world you’ll experience such as the structures, armor, and so much more along the way. Here is more on the gameplay in Throne and Libtery’s first 60 minutes.

Server Selection

As featured in the first 60 minutes of gameplay, players are to make sure they pick the right server. Network and being able to be with friends are the heavier reasons for server picking so be sure to choose wisely!

server selection

The Story

Throne and Liberty’s narrative is one of legend and war. It begins in a story where the goddess of destruction herself is said to have been sealed in a Star Stone. After years, the stone was then broken into pieces and scattered all over the world. Those born from the fragments are dubbed “The Star Children”. Generations passed and one man sought to use the power of the fragments in war for his gain. To find the fragments, the man, the Arkeum Legion Commander, Kazar, relentlessly searched and sent the witch Calanthia to the island where a wizard named Yann was said to have hidden the fragments out of the man’s reach. 

t&l snapshot

Features And Gameplay


After learning of the story behind the game, in the gameplay of Throne and Liberty, players are presented with a cutscene telling more of the current story’s developments and where players fit into the story. First, let’s talk about the main aspect that sticks out! The Graphics! In the first cutscene of the game, it is widely apparent that the game features an amazing and impressive set of graphics with its engine being the Unreal 5 engine. In Throne and Liberty, it is best to say that this is where realism and magic come to life, hand in hand with their stunning effects, story, and sorcery. 

ur 5 shot 1
ur 5

Character Creation

After getting familiarized with the story of the game, the first part of gameplay in Throne and Liberty or any RPG is character creation! The previous cutscene shown already showcased more of what the game can truly offer. In the Character Creation portion, players can choose to be male or female as well as customize their avatar with a variety of different hairstyles, skin tones, and other features unique to them.

cc T&L

Tutorial And Combat

After creating your character, the true gameplay in Throne and Liberty begins immediately. Right after players design their avatars, they are then thrown into the fighting aspect of the game with it teaching them the basic controls. Players are to fight an Arkeum Legion Wraith Arbiter. This enemy has one bar of life and uses a heavy great sword. Although the enemy uses a larger weapon, gameplay in Throne and Liberty is fast-paced and nerve-racking. Dodge and weave under the attacks and keep your head on your shoulder at all costs!

After getting through the first Arbiter, players are then taught more basic controls until they reach yet another challenge on their way. A test to see what they have learned and another lesson to pick up during fighting. In this new challenge with another Arbiter, another skill in gameplay is taught!

  • Parry – a defensive skill used to block enemy attacks and stun them for some time.

From there, players are to continue battling the Arbiter until they get to the next stage of the game.

First 10 Minutes Of The Game: Player Interface

One of the bigger details players can see as they play through the gameplay in Throne and Liberty is the UI or the player interface. In Throne and Liberty, the interface is fairly straightforward. It has all the basic information and item slots players will need! Health bar, Stamina, item slots, attacks, and defenses. Simple and neat!

tl ui

Secondary Weaponry

One feature in the gameplay in Throne and Liberty is showing off the Secondary Weapon system. Like many other RPGs, Throne and Liberty indeed feature a secondary weapon! Choose any weapon you’d like and master it to its full potential!

swap weapon tl

Ranged Combat

As you get farther and farther into the gameplay of Throne and Liberty, the next portion of the tutorial brings you to the ranged combat of the game. Here, as seen in the image below, it is fairly simple and yet devastating. No matter the distance, your attacks strongly deal damage to your enemies and as you keep progressing forward into the game, your attacks only get stronger and stronger as you upgrade your skills and weapons throughout the game.


After the basic combat and movement tutorials during the gameplay in Throne and Liberty, you will now face a horde of monsters. To get through this alive, you must awaken the power of the Star Fragment! When awakened, players transform into creatures that best suit the situation of battle. In the following images below, the player transforms into an agile wolf to dash away from the horde and avoid fatal injuries.

wolf dash
wolf dash 2

The Next Challenge: Battling A Powerful Mage

Keeping up with the fast-paced gameplay in Throne and Liberty, as soon as players have gotten away from the horde of enemies, players are now faced with their first big test. A powerful mage. An Arkeum Legion Wizard. As the player steps into the ring, the Wizard catches them and showcasing their magic, lifts them up like a ragdoll! In the middle of battle when loss seems imminent, a mysterious figure appears to heal the player! Friend or foe?

p v wizard
wizard heals

An Old Friend

After banishing the Arkeum Wizard, the ruined area turned out to be the same village in the first cutscene of the gameplay in Throne and Liberty. Is the mysterious wizard helping? He’s the same wizard that defended the lands all those years ago! Yann, the wizard himself. The one who hid the Star Fragments. Everything has come down to this! Connected the dots yet?

yann the wiz

A Dark Art

Yann explains that the player has the Star Fragment inside of them that has been awakened. From a small, fearful child, to a fierce and brave warrior, players are told of the powers that lie with the Fragment. Great abilities, spells, and strengths. However, despite its strengths and capabilities, the Fragments hold darkness in them. Power and Evil hand in hand. As shown in the gameplay in Throne and Liberty, Yann also adds that the players must get control of the power within them. Without control, there is only darkness and evil. No matter how harsh, do not be consumed by its whispers and its grasp!

a dark art

A Dream?

After speaking to Yann, players seem to wake up from a bad dream…or was it a good dream where players now understand more about themselves? Either way, players get woken up by a voice looking for the player. From here, the players now choose their name.

Game name
name choosing

Pick a name that will ring throughout the legends and for all time! After picking a name, an injured Benny, a friend, asks for help to open the door. With his arm injured, he smiles and recognizes the player.

After helping Benny open the door in the gameplay in Throne and Liberty, he will then give you a task.

The First Mission

Your first mission is given by Benny, this mission is where you have to protect and transport supplies to a specific location with Lottie, another friend. Lottie will need help to get the supplies safely to their destination as the road may not be the safest. You are the best contender! Mostly because Benny’s arm isn’t exactly the best as of the moment…

The Map

After speaking to Benny, players then receive the map of the game. Navigation is important, especially for a dangerous mission like the one you are about to embark on!

tl map close up
tl map

Benny will then tell you to hurry to Lottie! The mission is urgent so time is of the essence when it comes to this mission. Hurry up the stairs and meet with your mission buddy, Lottie!

See The World Of Throne And Liberty

After getting prepared for the bigger world, players are then to officially step into the stunning world of Throne and Liberty! Experience the breathtaking sceneries, giant and majestic creatures, and the village’s friendly locals. Feel at home, traveler!

throne and liberty map realm

Meet With Lottie

Finish taking in the view and hurry to meet Lottie! Approach Lottie and speak to her about the mission players will take with her. Lottie will then tell you more about the mission, what you will be delivering, and where.


Preparing For The Mission

After speaking to Lottie, she will tell the players what they will need to prepare before heading into the task. Preparation is key when it comes to dangerous missions! Follow her over to the Supplies Management area before heading off!

supp management area

Training For The Road

In front of the Supplies Management Area is a Training ground. There, players can use dummies to test out their skills in battle as well as their weapons. Training will help players get familiar with their abilities and limitations or better, what they need to buy and upgrade! Here, players are also able to test out other weapons such as Crossbows, Great Swords, and so much more. See where you’re comfortable with!


Learn, Apply, Adapt

After getting to learn about every weapon and upgrading your skills, head straight for Lottie where she will show you the rest of the obstacles and challenges through the road of the mission. No special cutscene, just straight into the boulders, falling structures, and combat!

fallen building

Combat On The Road

After you learn more useful skills in battle and in traveling with Lottie during the gameplay in Throne and Liberty, push forward until you reach an opening in the field. There, you’ll get more of a view of what’s going on and where the falling balls of fire are coming from.

balls of fire

Along the road, you’ll meet all kinds of foes. In the gameplay in Throne and Liberty, players will encounter creatures such as the Black Mitran which emerges from the flaming balls of fire falling from the sky. They just keep coming! Test your fighting skills!

black mitran

Fight through the enemies carefully and meet comrades along the way.


After helping Lottie defeat the Black Mitran, find your way back to her for a chat! However, it won’t hurt anyone to explore for a while! Take in the beauty of the realm in the gameplay in Throne and Liberty. Explore!


Another Challenge

Yet another challenge stands in your way, as you talk to Lottie, you discover that the Pully system you need for the mission is broken! What do we do now? Lottie is positive in the situation and offers to fix the Pully system while players handle local soldiers in need of assistance in the area.

pully system

Lending Aid To A Soldier

As Lottie fixes the broken Pully system, players are to help the nearby soldiers in need with the recent shelling near Whisperion. From there, players also meet their friendly Amitoi. A small creature that guides players to their next destination in the gameplay in Throne and Liberty

The Next Step: Mark Of Whisperion

As you follow your Amitoi to your next destination in the mission, featured in the gameplay in Throne and Liberty, is one of the bigger moments of your first mission. The Mark of Whisperion. Players are to examine the mark and investigate the peril and suffering that’s been going on. As you near the mark, a glowing phenomenon starts to happen. A bright purple light shining from the gate and then, from your hand. As it seems like you’re being pulled into an opened portal, you slowly lose your footing and get sucked in!

As you fly through the roots of the great tree, your Amitoi then speaks to you while you get transported to another location far from Lottie and the others.


Then, out of nowhere, you appear high above the skies flying and following an Amitoi! From there, players and their small friends chat around where the Amitoi points out what’s really going on. Enemies are after the Star Fragment.

amitoi star fragment

Meeting With Clay And Gain Your Wings

In the gameplay in Throne and Liberty, the players are then transported to the brunt of it all. In the middle of the battle and fighting. There, they will meet Clay, another friend who tells you all you need to know about the fighting, where to go, and what to do next.

clay npc
clay npc 2

After speaking with Clay, players will then unlock the ability to fly and glide as they morph into an Eagle. The gameplay in Throne and Liberty is now way easier!

bald eagle morph
eagle gliding

As you make your way back to Clay, the Orc Commander then claims his true intentions. To deliver the Star Fragment to Kazar.

orc comm

Stand With The Resistance

After knowing more about everything during your time with Clay, it’s time to put your abilities to good use. Stand with the Resistance and help them fight off the enemies! Truly test your skills and your knowledge in fighting. In the gameplay in Throne and Liberty, players are to defeat the Orcs and use the turrets to turn the tides of battle.

Defeat the Orcs and get to the towers!

Face The King

After you’ve taken the first tower in the mission to help the resistance, a dark and looming figure descends from the heavens. The Dark Giant Orc, King Verte. Avoid his attacks and hit back with all your might!

king verte 2

When all hope seems lost, Clay will come to save the day! Defeat the King together! Show the true power of the Star Fragment.

defeated king verte

After The Battle

As the king falls to his defeat, his large stature knocks the players off to a distance and knocks a flashback of the past into the player. Then, players wake up to Benny’s voice and his face.

benny again
benny consciousness

Now, the war and peril are seemingly over with your Amitoi very excited to see that you’re awake! The next thing to do is to talk to the little Amitoi.

mitoi happy

After speaking to the little Amitoi, players are then to meet up with Clay at the top of the Dawn Spire. Clay will then express his relief knowing you’re okay and then proceed to showing you where to go next and just who to find.

clay again

After chatting with Clay, players embark on another journey to head to Laslan to find Martinay, a friend of Clay’s. As he said, she should be able to help players out with the ailments they’re feeling after the fight for Whisperion!

stone headpats

To Laslan!

As players soar through the sky to get to Laslan, the game then begins a short and magnificent intro to the game.

With the trailer showing off more of its its lands and creatures, players can take this time to appreciate the graphics, world-building, and maybe see what they can expect in the future. Now, let’s show some appreciation to the team! The intro-like footage also shows the list of all of the crew names who worked so hard to make the world of Throne and Liberty a reality.

intro tl

Landing in Laslan, players are now to seek Martinay to get help for the ailments.

tl intro

The Mainland

After being sent to Laslan by Clay, you must now find the Storage Manager for further information on Martinay. Once players find him, he seems afraid and dismissive. Was there trouble here?


The game automatically marks your next mission location so the Priestess shouldn’t be far. Priestess Grace can be found in the same plaza right across the stall of the Storage Manager. For a better description, she is on the shrine.

priestess grace

Players are then to explain the situation to the Priestess and she will tell them that they will need to find a password to get to Martinay as she is in a dangerous situation.

The Region

While looking at the priestess players can open the regions to their map using the large glowing stones located in the Plaza. This will expand their maps and locations.

The Sundries Merchant

After getting information from the Priestess, she will direct you to look for the next Merchant in the Plaza for more information. The Sundries Merchant. In your remission to find Martinay, the Priestess will direct you to the Sundries Merchant. There, the merchant will give you the first half of the password and the other half should be found with the Skill Researcher.

sundries merchant

The Skill researcher

Once players have found him, he will have told you the final part of the password to seek Martinay. After he gives players the password for Martinay in the gameplay in Throne and Liberty, players are then to use the password to find her in the Kastleton Infirmary.

the skills researcher


As you reach the infirmary, give them the password and you will be given entry to meet Martinay. From there, speak to her and find out more about healing. In the gameplay in Throne and Liberty, Martinay will say that you should come back later but upon explaining your situation, she will say that her sister is suffering the same ailments.


Martinay seems to be quite a celebrity in this part and not in a good way…the Arkeum Legion is after her. After speaking to Martinay about your symptoms, Martinay mentions that she is looking for a cure to cure her sister as well.

Fetch The Ingredients For A Mana Potion

Martinay will then offer a potion to help the players. However, she might have used up her last batch of ingredients so now, players have to be the ones to fetch them to complete the potion.

Martinay will then tell players where to get the ingredient needed for the Mana Calming Potion.

  • Rancid Power – located in Golden Apothecary


During your chat with Martinay, she will ask you about waypoints and if you know how to use them. From there, players will need to speak to Priestess Grace to learn more about waypoints and how to use them during their search for Rancid Powder.

martinay mission waypoints

Once players have made their way to the Priestess, she will then tell you everything to know about waypoints and how to use them. Using waypoints is the easier way to travel around, especially during missions or gathering goods and materials.

map photo

After activating your first waypoint, players must now journey over to Golden Rye and activate the waypoint. That way, after players have gathered the Rancid Powder, they may then quickly travel back to Kastleton to complete the potion.

Morphing Skins

In the gameplay in Throne and Liberty, players can transform into various animals to get around the land through dashing, gliding, or swimming. At first, players can pick different animals to morph into like Wolves, Otter-like creatures, or the fan favorite, a Bald Eagle. As default, players get Wolves, Eagles, and Otters to swim across bodies of water but they may also get other animals as skins for Dashing, Gliding, and Swimming.


Player Inventory

Featured in the first 60 minutes of gameplay in Throne and Liberty is the game’s player inventory. Neat, orderly, and simple, the Player Inventory shows exactly what the player has in terms of weapons, armory, and even accessories as well as their attributes and abilities that they can upgrade along the way.


Training Field

As players travel to Golden Rye Pastures or throughout the game, players can test their skill in a field where a handful of enemies spawn. With Throne and Liberty being a multiplayer platform, it should look like something out of a war movie! This area is also where players can fight and collect as much experience to level up as they can with all the enemies and monsters that can be found.

battle field

About The Rancid Power

Once players arrive at the Pastures, they will be greeted by Oliver the assistant to the Herbalist. However, the true Herbalist is away. So, collecting the Rancid Powder for the Mana Potion would need a few more steps. Oliver will then say the ingredients to make Rancid Powder yourself.

  • Decomposed Hearts from Violent Harvesters
  • Poison Stinger from Wasps
  • Contaminated Horns from Scarabs

After collecting all of the ingredients, players are then to come back to Oliver where he will hand over the final ingredient. After doing so, finding the master Herbalist is the last bit to get the Rancid Powder.

oliver the assitant

All of the beasts to hunt can be found in the Training Field right next to the location where Oliver is found.


After completing the ingredients and speaking to Oliver again, he will then tell the players some rather, disappointing news. They don’t have the final ingredient anymore. Mandrake Root. However, despite the setback, Oliver mentions where to get the root ingredient since he, unfortunately, cannot leave the Apothecary. Players will now have to get them. Oliver will say that the root is located on the east side of the Apothecary and when players get there, they are to talk to the Mandrake Farming Manager.

The Mandrakes

After speaking to the Manager, players are then to find and kill Mandrakes to acquire the root.


Mandrakes can be found dug into the soil and disguised as bushes in the field. When players dig them up, this will activate a battle with them, and once defeated, Mandrakes will then drop Mandrake Roots.

Once everything is completed, bring every ingredient that you have acquired to the Herbalist and he will help you further. After doing so and acquiring the Rancid Powder, come back to Martinay for the Mana Potion.

We hope you enjoyed this look into the first 60 minutes of gameplay in Throne and Liberty! If you’d like more awesome content like this such as news, guides, and more, jump to our official Throne and Liberty homepage. Join our official Discord Channel!


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