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Greetings, brave explorer! Welcome back to another challenging Gate of Infinity fight. This time we are once again facing the Exploding Flame Desert Wizard in our weekly Time Trial called Gate of Infinity Swirling Firestorm.

Like all the other Infinity Gate challenges that came before this, Gate of Infinity Swirling Firestorm Time Trial is based on the fight in Taedal’s Tower Floor 18 – Swirling Firestorm. Our linked Taedal’s guide contains a detailed explanation of the basic mechanics of this fight as well as tips on skills, weapons and armor you can utilize to successfully defeat the Exploding Flame Desert Wizard. This Gate of Infinity guide will cover some of the more advanced mechanics and tips to complete the Time Trial and grab some of the precious rewards it provides!

Gate of Infinity Swirling Firestorm title card

Additionally, at the bottom of the article we provide a video guide showing the completion of Gate of Infinity Swirling Firestorm with full buffs in under 1:30 minutes and a slower version without utilizing optimal weapons and skipping the best buffs.


  • Character Lv. 50


Objective Achievement Rewards:

  • Killing the boss – 5 active and 5 passive books, 10K Solant, 20 Restoration coins
  • Defeat within 3:00 – 3 active and 3 passive books, 20K Solant, 40 Restoration coins
  • Defeat within 1:30 – 1 active and 1 passive book, 30K Solant, 60 Restoration coins

Rank Rewards:

  • Rank 1-100 will get an Emote: Sprinkle Salt and varying amounts of Solant (between 100,000 and 600,000) depending on their final rank at the time when the challenge ends.
Gate of Infinity Swirling Firestorm rewards

Time Trial Mechanics and Tips

Once you have refreshed your memory on the basic mechanics of this fight from Taedal’s Tower Floor 18 – Swirling Firestorm, we can explore the new upgraded mechanics and skills of this Gate of Infinity boss. Let’s start with some general tips and strategies on how to approach the overall fight first.

Class-Specific strategies

If you are a well-geared damage class, your whole strategy will focus around your main damage burst window. The boss in Gate of Infinity Swirling Firestorm has a particular mechanic that requires you to fly up in the air (discussed later in Floor is Lava chapter of this article) which triggers pretty early in the fight. Our recommendation is to only use your short cooldown skills until that mechanic is triggered and save your main cooldowns and burst rotation for after the Floor is Lava phase is completed. This way you can utilize your Guardian burst without interruption and potentially benefit from additional damage buff covered later in this Infinity Gate guide.

Crossbow high damage build

If your build is not purely damage-focused, we recommend using crowd-control skills. You can use a Greatsword Stun and gap closers like Daggers Shadow Strike to avoid Exploding Flame Desert Wizards’ damage mechanics and benefit from better positioning.

Greatsword sustain damage build

This guide will provide more details on how to utilize your skill toolkit to overcome specific mechanics of this Infinity Gate boss.

Floor is Lava

This Gate of Infinity Swirling Firestorm mechanic is a signature skill of Explosive Flame Desert Wizard and was also featured in Taedal’s Tower Floor 18 – Swirling Firestorm. The main difference that we face in this Time Trial is the fact that we need to trigger the Swirling Tornado transformation, otherwise it will not throw us up into the air to avoid this mechanic. To trigger the Swirling Tornado transformation, observe and predict where the tornado is moving and make sure to stand in its future path, so that the earthquake effect that the boss applies on the ground beneath your character will eventually collide with the fire tornado.

Swirling Tornado Transformation

Once the fire tornado is transformed, it will allow you to fly up in the air and avoid the Floor is Lava mechanic. When you are up in the air, watch out for the blue orbs floating around and try to collect at least one of them by flying over it before landing. This floating blue orb will give you an Increased Damage Dealt buff that will last for 15 seconds. This is where you would utilize your main cooldowns, Shade Revenant Shteno Guardian, Rare Attack Remedy and your main burst rotation, as mentioned above in the Class-Specific strategy for high damage class.

Floor is Lava phase mechanic and buffs

Predict the next attack

At first glance, most of Gate of Infinity Swirling Firestorm mechanics start in a similar manner – the boss will “blink” (teleport) before doing a big attack. However, there are certain ques that can help you prepare and predict Exploding Flame Desert Wizards’ next attack.

If the boss teleports to the middle, you can expect the Floor is Lava phase to begin, which we covered above. If the boss does a short dodge/teleport to a random spot in the arena while speaking, the next attack is likely to be a Fury Attack that can be Perfectly Parried. We recommend delaying the parry and waiting for the purple Fury Attack animation to fully finish – this will give you a better chance at Perfect Parry. If you are still struggling to time the parry, feel free to use your Stuns as they will not be effective for the next mechanic.

Timing the Perfect Parry

Finally, if the boss teleports to a random location and does not say any voice line, it will shoot high-damage Fire Beams in your direction – let’s discuss how to avoid getting hit by this mechanic in more detail.

Avoid Fire Beams like a pro

The Fire Beam attack can be frustrating to deal with at first, but once you can anticipate it, it is easy to avoid. The boss seems to be immune to crowd-control during this attack, so your best bet is to utilize your movement skills to avoid damage. The Fire Beams attack is a frontal cone attack, which the boss fires twice in your direction.

Gate of Infinity Fire Beams cone attack

Since cone attacks are easier to avoid at the base of the cone (closer to the boss), as this will require less running, we recommend closing the gap with a movement skill (Shadow Strike, Precision Dash, Nimble Leap, etc.) and then morphing and running around the boss to position yourself behind them. If you feel confident, you can keep walking around the boss while attacking – as long as you close the gap and are next to the boss, you can avoid being hit by this mechanic.

Use the strongest buffs for more damage

This Gate of Infinity Swirling Firestorm Time Trial is a particularly tricky fight compared to previous challenges, so it’s important to utilize all available buffs to increase your damage output if you are aiming for a sub-1:30 completion time. Use the best available Stellarite, Rare Attack Remedy and Boss Damage food (Rare Quarba Sandwich). Time your high-damage window to come after the Floor is Lava phase and pop Rare Attack Remedy and Shade Revenant Sheno Guardian as you are getting ready to burst the boss.

Gate of Infinity Swirling Firestorm Video Guide

Check out this useful video guide to see these tips and what mistakes to avoid:

Infinity Gate Swirling Firestorm video guide by MMO WIKI

Now you should be ready to complete the time trial Gate of Infinity Swirling Firestorm! If you are still having trouble, make sure to double-check the basic mechanics and some Skills and Equipment recommendations in our Taedal’s Tower Floor 18 – Swirling Firestorm guide. Good luck and enjoy your precious rewards!

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