Won! Golem’s Stone Quest: How to Acquire the Golem Manastone

Embark on a thrilling journey to obtain the coveted Golem Manastone, a key ingredient in crafting a powerful golem to aid the resistance. This comprehensive guide will take you through the intricate steps, from conversing with the golem crafter to navigating a dangerous secret auction. Let’s delve into the details of this epic quest.


Discover the southern part of the abandoned stonemason town, where the skilled golem crafter is building a unique golem. However, a crucial element is missing the Golem Manastone. Agree to assist the golem crafter, and you’ll be informed that the elusive Golem Manastone can only be obtained through a secret auction.


Defeating the Giant Crystal Scorpion

To enter the secret auction, you must bring something valuable for example the tail of a giant crystal scorpion. The Giant Crystal Scorpion spawns at three different places

spawn map

Skills of the Giant Crystal Scorpion

Navigate the dangers the Giant Crystal Scorpion poses with its various skills, including a sand-spinning AoE, a potent stinging tail attack, and a surprising underground ambush that will stun for about a second. Overcome these challenges to secure the flawless crystal.

Entering the Secret Auction

With the flawless crystal in hand, approach the secret auction house under the wrecked quarry wheel. Present the crystal to the gatekeeper for exchange, gaining a hundred mica and entry to the auction hall where the fate of the Golem Manastone awaits.

talk to the gatekeeper

Navigate through the auction guide and bidding process, ensuring you focus solely on the golem stone. The auction items are confidential, requiring careful listening to the descriptions. Recognize the crucial phrases and bid strategically to secure the monumental Golem Manastone.

auction rules

Securing the Golem Manastone

There are many items that are being bid on in the auction and only one of these items is the Manastone. To find out when the mana stone is being bid for you can listen to the item description “It’s an enormous concentrate of magic. With it, you can create a weapon you never thought possible.”

bidding processs

Bidding on the Auction Item

Upon hearing the cues, confidently place your bid for the Golem Manastone, but refrain from bidding first. Opt to bid second to increase the likelihood of winning the auction.


Collect what you won as the usher gives you your winning item.

As you exit the auction hall, a sudden warning erupts, the guards are coming! Swiftly use a teleportation scroll to escape and find refuge in a safe location.


Finally, deliver the Golem Manastone to the golem crafter, who expresses heartfelt gratitude. This essential item ensures the golem becomes a vital asset to the resistance, with the workers swiftly completing the masterpiece.

talk to the golem crafter

Embarking on the quest for the Golem Manastone is a thrilling adventure filled with challenges, secrets, and strategic bidding. By following this detailed guide, you ensure not only the success of the secret auction but also the enhancement of the resistance’s forces with a powerful golem. Congratulations on your victorious journey!


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