How to Summon the Reptilian Butcher on Saurodoma Island

Saurodoma Island holds ancient mysteries, including the ability to summon the legendary Reptilian Butcher. In this guide, we’ll explore the steps required to perform this ritual, from locating the Brazier of Resurrection to collecting the essential components. Whether you’re a lone adventurer or part of a guild, mastering this summoning ritual will bring you closer to unlocking the island’s secrets.


Locating the Brazier of Resurrection

The Brazier of Resurrection, the focal point of the summoning ritual, can be found in multiple locations across Saurodoma Island. These altars serve as gateways for summoning the Reptilian Butcher, offering adventurers various options for performing the ritual. The Brazier of Resurrection needs a thick reptilian tail status.

Brazier of resurrection

Hunting Lizard Monsters

To collect the lizard tails for the summoning ritual, adventurers must hunt down lizard monsters scattered throughout the island. These creatures drop thin reptilian tails upon defeat, which are crucial for the summoning process. Quick kills are essential, as the thin tails will disappear after a certain period, requiring swift action from the hunting party.

guild fight

You can view the number of reptilian tails you have collected in the effect details, indicating how many tails you have obtained throughout your journey. Upon clicking the effect details, you can see a number in the upper left corner, indicating how many thin reptilian tails you have collected.

Selecting a Tail Collector

In preparation for the summoning ritual, parties or guilds must designate a player responsible for collecting the thin reptilian tails. This player must deliver the killing blow to lizard monsters to ensure the successful acquisition of tails. Coordination and teamwork are essential for efficient tail collection.

Reptilian Butcher

Summoning the Reptilian Butcher

Upon collecting 20 thin reptilian tails it will automatically convert into thick reptilian tail, the primary offering for the summoning ritual. You need to go the Brazier of Resurrection and summon the Reptilian butcher and defeat it.

defeating butcher

Mastering the summoning ritual of the Reptilian Butcher is a testament to your prowess as an adventurer. By following the steps outlined in this guide and collaborating with fellow explorers, you’ll unlock the secrets of Saurodoma Island and harness the power of this legendary creature.

island map

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