Little Friend in The Sky: Yeddy Amitoi Quest

Have you found the letter near the Starlight Observatory? This letter starts the Yeddy Amitoi Quest that requires you to get onto Gigantrite to find them.

someone's note

The start of the quest happens when you find a note on a rock next to the river. The note says ” I’m scared! Somebody help!”

note in the river

Follow the river to discover someone’s diary under a big log, unveiling Yeddy’s bold decision to be the first Amitoi to ride Gigantrite and fly to the observatory.

under a log

Gigantrite – The Flying Island Whale

Gigantrite is a flying island whale that blesses the land with its presence. Gigantrite only appears every 3 hours making it important to keep track of the time while on this quest.


Patiently wait for its Majestic arrival, then ascend to the highest platform in the Starlight Observatory using a piton.

using piton

Stand by for the perfect moment and leap towards the Big Whale Island.

ride the gigantrite

Aboard the Gigantrite

Upon landing on Gigantrite, you can find the amitoi near one of the whale’s right wings. Your mission is to retrieve a powerless doll that has lost its enchanting abilities. This stage requires precision and agility, as you navigate the colossal creature’s surface.


Tailor Noan’s Assistance

After securing the powerless doll, head to the Kastleton Inn 2F and consult Tailor Noan in the guest room. Present the amitoi and explain the situation. Noan, an expert in his craft, assesses the amitoi’s condition and exclaims, “Oh no, this guy’s out of energy. Hold on a second.” Witness the magic as Noan skillfully stitches and revitalizes the doll. Interact with Yeddy to complete the quest successfully.


How do I start the Yeddy Amitoi Quest?

Begin by reading a mysterious letter near the Starlight Observatory. It’s located in the middle of three rivers, written in squiggly letters, expressing fear and seeking help.

When does Gigantrite appear?

Gigantrite, the flying island whale, appears every three hours. Patience is key, so wait for its arrival before attempting to ride it.

How do I reach the highest platform in the Starlight Observatory?

To reach the highest platform, use a piton to climb in the Starlight Observatory.

What is the significance of the powerless doll?

The powerless doll is a quest item located on Gigantrite. Retrieve it from near one of the whale’s wings to progress in the Yeddy Amitoi Quest.

Where can I find Tailor Noan?

Tailor Noan can be found in the guest room in the Kastleton Inn 2F. Consult him after obtaining the powerless doll for further quest progression.

How does Tailor Noan assist in the quest?

Tailor Noan assesses the amitoi’s condition and revitalizes the powerless doll through a stitching process.

fixing yeddy

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