A Powerless Little Friends: Discarded Doll Amitoi Quest

Embark on a heartwarming journey as you encounter a discarded doll at the south of the old chapel. This powerless little friend is in need of your assistance to regain strength and purpose. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the steps to help the discarded doll including acquiring vitality masses and condensed manastones. Join us on this quest of compassion and friendship.


Talk to the Discarded Doll

Engage with the discarded doll who reveals its weakness and the reason behind its abandonment by its old master. The doll thanks you for your willingness to help and discloses the need for specific materials to restore its strength.

talk to discarded doll

Quest for Vitality Masses

Defeat Mandrake or Deadly Mandrake to acquire the Vitality Mass. You’ll need three of these masses, but keep in mind that not every mandrake kill guarantees a drop. Patience is key when farming for these vital components.

defeating mandrake

Seeking High Concentration Manastones

Navigate to the north of the abandoned mine ruins to find the elusive high-concentration manastone. Overcoming challenges in this area is crucial. Gain an advantage by climbing as high as possible, then descend to mine the precious high-concentration manastone.

mining high concentrated mana stone

Returning to the Discarded Doll

Once you’ve collected all the required materials, return to the discarded doll at the south of the old chapel. Witness the transformation as the doll regains strength and expresses gratitude for saving its life. The quest concludes with the doll wanting to accompany you on your adventures.

talking to discarded doll again

Experience the joy of empowering a once powerless doll. This is the end of the quest but you now have added an Amitoi to your collection.


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