Resistance Role Model

Embark on a journey to becoming the resistance role model by going on a courageous quest in retrieving a precious artifact form the cave of Fonos basin. In this article, we’ll delve into the challenges will be facing and the ways to overcome it. check my paragraph correct the wrongs


Courageous Resistance Volunteer

Become the symbol of courage as you accept the request of the Watcher’s Post Captain at Watcher’s post outside the Fonos basin. Despite being declined by other guards, you willingly accept and step forward as you set towards the path of bravery and self-discovery. As the captain wish you Good luck on your journey.

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The Daring Journey Begins

As you start the quest you are needed to go into the catapult, ascend into the sky landing towards Fonos Basin, where the ceremonial trinket awaits. For an easier catapult experience, I recommend you to have a companion to assist you in activating the catapult as you wait to take flight.

go to the catapult

Before hopping onto the catapult make sure you have activated the lever to operate the catapult.

activate the lever

When you are in midair morph yourself into an eagle to safely glide down without receiving any fall damage.

Morphing into an Orc Brawler

Upon arrival at the Fonos Basin Fire Cave, seek out a secluded spot to transform into an Orc Brawler, blending seamlessly into the environment to avoid detection by the orcs. This transformation is essential for infiltrating the fire cave and retrieving the artifact unnoticed.

In order to acquire the Orc Brawler morph, you must defeat the Orc Brawler Chief. Triumphing over this foe will grant you a morph skin allowing you to copy the appearance of an orc brawler. This challenge can be found within the codex titled “Land of the Wild, Fonos Basin.” As you can see Orc Brawler Chief respawn in certain locations shown on the map below.

Navigating the Fire Cave

As you enter into the fire cave you will notice the when you open the map where the location of the item you need to retrieve.

With orc morphing, you can evade detection from the orcs as you make your way toward your objective.

Retrieving the Specter Soul Stone

At last, reach the location of the fonos chair and retrieve the specter soul, the precious artifact sought after by the resistance. Exercise caution and precision to secure the trinket without alerting the orcs nearby.

Having the item retrieved, make your way back to the Watcher’s Post and deliver the artifact to the captain. The captain is so happy about the retrieval of the item being successful you action may inspire others and establish you as a true role model within the resistance.

Embark on the quest where your courage and determination is a test of becoming the resistance’s role model facing the adversity of danger. By accepting the mission, navigating the obstacles within, and retrieving the precious artifact. you exceed the qualities of a true role model, inspiring others, and leaving a lasting legacy within the resistance.

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