Restoring the Heart Quest: Defeating Golem

Embark on a thrilling adventure as we delve into the intricate details of the Golem Heart Quest. From navigating through the old chapel to confronting the formidable Arkeum Legion, and defeating a Golem this quest is packed with excitement and mystery. Join us as we uncover the secrets hidden within the Underground Temple and harness the power of the legendary Golem’s Heart.


Confronting the Arkeum Legion

Upon entering the underground temple, we are greeted by the formidable presence of the Arkeum Legion. Comprising an Arkeum Commander, Arkeum Archer, and Arkeum Wizard, this elite force poses a formidable challenge to any adventurer.


Strategies for Defeating the Arkeum Legion

If you find it difficult to defeat them all at once, try focusing on one at a time and allowing the others to reset. To do this, engage one Arkeum,


Then retreat as far as possible to the point that each arkeum starts to go back and reset to their original position.


Once the others begin to reset, pursue and attack one to prevent it from resetting. Continue this strategy until all the enemies are defeated.

defat arkeum

Unveiling the Mysterious Blue Stone Altar

Upon investigating the altar, you will notice a mysterious glowing blue stone floating above it. You take out the heart fragment and place it on the altar. The fragments begin to move as if searching for their proper places, meandering around the stone.

place the fragment

Combining the Heart Fragments

The trick to combining the stone lies in the lyrics Henderson taught you: “Let’s fuse the heart fragment! Three, Two, One! The golem will rise when the pieces are combined!” This means that you first search around the stone where there are three small gems.


After finding the location of the three small gem parts, tap to examine it and see if it connects to the blue stone. If not, try changing the angle to connect again.

3 dots

Next, do the same for the parts indicating two dots and one dot.

Now you’ve combined all the heart fragments to create the golem’s heart. You can feel a mysterious but powerful force emanating from the reassembled heart.


Meeting Sienna Parsons

After combining the fragmented heart a lady teleports inside the chapel. She introduced herself as a wizard of resistance named Sienna Parsons, she commended you as you defeated the arkeum legion with ease.

meeting sienna

Power of the Golem’s heart

As the conversation progresses, Sienna notices that you have a star fragment. It seems more like a predetermined turn of events than a coincidence.

purple light

Sienna waves her staff at the golem’s heart, revealing a star fragment inside the golem’s heart, which transfers into you. This makes more sense as to why the arkeum is after the golem’s heart.

Sienna bids farewell as she leaves. She was a friend of Henderson. As she is busy with the resistance she leaves you with a request. There are a few things she couldn’t give him and asked you to give them to him. As you agree, Sienna reveals the location as an old bag near Titanreach Ruins.


Transforming into the Golem:

As you exit the chapel, suddenly the Arkeum Legion teleports in and summons a golem.


You run into the Golem’s Heart, and as you touch the heart you start to transform into golem.

golems heart

Golem Skills

As you transform into the golem, you gain access to three skills:

turn into golem
  • Heavy Smite: Swing your shield twice in front of you.
  • Shield Shock: Strike the ground in front of you with your shield.
  • Earth Sanctuary: Drastically reduce all damage taken by you and your surrounding allies for 5 seconds.

Defeat the Golem

As we confront the final challenge within the chapel, we stand face to face with a summoned golem that has an HP pool of 616,454. Defeating the golem is quite challenging as you need to plan out the skills you will choose as the others have long periods of cooldown.

defeating golem

The first thing you should do is to get close to the golem.

strategy defeating golem

You can combo it by using Heavy Smite for damage, Earth Sanctuary for your defense, and lastly Shield Shock for some heavy DPS.

skills you have

As our adventure draws to a close, we reflect on the trials and triumphs that have defined our quest for the golem’s heart. Through perseverance, courage, and the bonds forged along the way, we emerge stronger, wiser, and ready to face whatever challenges the future may hold.

exiting the chapel

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