Secret in The Sand Dust: Shaccoon Amitoi Quest

In the vast expanse of the Moonlight Desert, a peculiar quest unfolds when a seemingly ordinary conversation with the sand reveals a mystery. The Sand Covered Villager’s cryptic statement sets the stage for an intriguing adventure to obtain the Shaccoon Amitoi at the end of the quest.

Initiating the Quest

The quest begins with a simple interaction near the Tailoring Association Master Caravan. The Sand Covered Villager hints at the peculiar nature of the sand dust, claiming it rises even when the wind isn’t blowing. Intrigued, you decide to investigate.

shaccoon quest

Investigating the Unsettling Sand Dust

As you venture into the Moonlight Desert, follow the quest marker to the sand dust location. You investigate the sand, initial investigations yield nothing. however the sand has been dug up. The dust must have been kicked up when it was dug up, you continue to go the other quest mark.

sand wade

Following Footprints and Uncovering Evidence

Returning to the sand dust again, evidence becomes more apparent. Small footprints in the sand reveal clues, prompting further exploration. In the third investigation, a small shape beyond the sand dust catches your eye. As you reach out, a cloud of sandy dust clouds your vision.

Shaking off the sand, you encounter a doll within a pile of dust its name is Shaccoon. Interacting with it reveals that Shaccoon is the source of the sand disturbance. However, before grabbing it, the mischievous doll runs into sand holes, initiating a game of catch. Strategically choosing holes, you engage in a playful pursuit, adding an unexpected twist to the quest.

catching shaccoon

Shaccoon Persistent Challenge

The doll, unwilling to accept defeat, proposes additional challenges. With 7 and then 13 holes, the game intensifies. Dig up sand dust, if you choose the wrong dust sand a monster will spawn. Dig the sand until you finally capture Shaccoon.

During the conversation, Shaccoons revealed that it have no intention of playing in the sand anymore. You suggested that there are many other fun things to do outside of the sand. Your suggestion was well received and as a result, the quest ended successfully, with you acquiring an Amitoi “Scatterbrain Shaccoon”.

deal with shaccoon

The quest of “The Secret in the Sand Dust ” from the Moonlight Desert gives a good experienced. From investigating mysterious sand circle to meeting a playfull doll, playing with the doll in the sands, and convincing the doll that there are more interesting things to do in this world.

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